Fall 2023 Guest Artist

dancer kaolak with tribal jewelry and no shirt looking at the camera
Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye ("Kaolack")
Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye ("Kaolack") was born and raised in Senegal by his grandmother, Kaolack began his professional dance career at École des Sables in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal. He was a member of Germaine Acogny’s Compagnie Jant-bi from 2001-2007 with whom he toured internationally and danced in works by choreographers including Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Kota Yamazaki.

In 2008, Kaolack became the first Senegalese choreographer to win the pan-African contemporary dance ‘Danse l’Afrique Danse’ Choreographic competition from Africa and the Indian Ocean, in Tunisia with his solo J’accuse. He currently lives between Philadelphia and the Czech Republic. In 2014-2016, he worked with Nora Chipaumire on portrait of myself as my father, which was an incredible experience that opened his mind and furthered his understanding of the aesthetics of the black body, Black African performing bodies, and the radical black African presence.

Inspired by the Senegalese Ndaga, he created his own dance vocabulary and continues to investigate it and unpack its potential as a technique. Kaolack’s work is entirely focused on pushing boundaries off space and time, race and gender, liveness, and the full being in the spaces we inhabit and claim as our own, while making space for spirit to be present. It is also about the transmission of embodied knowledge, our bodily knowledge, the animist information rooted in indigenous cultural dance practices that are connected to ancestral wisdom.

His work deconstructs decolonization by creating images that are mesmerizing and futuristic. He received an MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Penn. 

Previous Guest Artists

  • Lior Lazorof and Nicola Wills were chosen to set works on the KSU Dance Company dance majors and alumni for the opening season concert, Double Exposure.
  • Dance performer and creator Jamal White joined KSU Dance as our Artist-in-Residence. Based in Birmingham, AL, Jamal has performed works by many well-known choreographers, including George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey, and Hofesh Shechter. 
  • Tsai Hsi Hung and Chuck Wilt were chosen to set works on the KSU Dance Company dance majors and alumni for the opening season concert, Double Exposure.
  • Ido Gidron, a performance artist, dancer, and choreographer, joined KSU Dance as our Artist-in-Residence. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Ido's residency was made possible with support from the Israeli Institute. 

    Heath Gill, a prominent Atlanta choreographer, joined KSU Dance as a guest choreographer, choreographing a ballet work for the KSU Dance Company fall concert, Forces of Grace.

  • Annalee Traylor and Omar Román De Jesús set works on the KSU Dance Company dance majors and alumni for our opening season concert, Double Exposure.

    Glenn Edgerton, former dancer of the Nederlands Dance Theater (NDT), former executive artistic director of NDT1, and former artistic director of Hubbard Street, held a 2-week intensive Jiri Kylián repertory workshop.

  • Jimmy Orrante, choreographed classical ballet work Onward for the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2019 concert, Slang.
  • Sean Nguyen-Hilton, KSU Dance 2018-2019 Artist-in Residence. Choreographed work Public Domain on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2018 concert, Pariah, and taught DANC 3310 Modern II and DANC 3600 Dance Improvisation.
  • James Graham, choreographed work Path of Occlusion on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2017 concert, Suspended Vision, and taught gaga classes.

    Martha Goodman choreographed classical ballet work Allego Vivo on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2017 concert.

  • Ella Ben-Aaron, Schusterman Visiting Israeli Artist. KSU Dance Artist-in-Residence, choreographed work Hyperselves on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2016 concert, MELD, and taught DANC 3500 Choreography I.
  • Ido Tadmor choreographed work The Empty Room on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2015 concert, TEN, celebrating 10 years of KSU Dance.
  • Ido Tadmor choreographed work Black Morning on the KSU Dance Company for the Fall 2014 concert, Pyromania.


2023 Professional Presenting Season

At Kennesaw State University Department of Dance, we host professional companies not only to show our students what is possible in dance performance, but also to share professional works with the community at large.  Don't miss these outstanding professional company performances in 2024! 



Jan. 26-27, 2024
BODYTRAFFIC dancers in all white dancing in a row
two dancers entwined in an embrace on stage

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre

March 1-3, 2024

Previous Professional Seasons

    • Boca Tuya, Amor
    • Hofesh Shechter Company, Clowns and Political Mother
    • Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, Long ago and Only Once 
    • Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, Marley Was Dead, To Begin With.
    • Tentacle Tribe, Ghost
    • Shaden Dance Company, Trilogy
    • Charlotte Ballet, Redbird and Walking Mad
    • Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, Modern Myths
    • Spellbound Contemporary Dance Company, Full Moon
    • Ballet X and Terminus Modern Ballet Theater, Off the Edge
    • BODYTRAFFIC, Dust; and at midnight, the green bride floated through the village square
    • Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Horses in the Sky



The Department of Dance offers masterclasses each semester for our students to learn firsthand from experts in the field. 

  • Classical Ballet, Jackie Nash 
    Bocatuya Masterclass 
    Contemporary Ballet, Christine Welker 
    Improvisation, Tara Lee 
    Jazz/Modern, Laura Morton 
    Contemporary Partnering, Christian Clark 
    Injury Prevention and Body Maintenance. Ashton Hillbrands 
    Ballet, Rachel Van Buskirk 
    Performance Readiness, John Welker 
    Contemporary Hip Hop, Darvensky Louis 
  • Improvisation, Laura Morton 
    Broadway, Cary Tedder 
    Contemporary Ballet, Tara Lee 
    Contemporary Partnering, Christian Clark 
    Indian Dance, Anupa Thakurta 
    Contemporary, Jackie Nash 
    Latin, Ana Llorente 
    Performance Readiness, John Welker 
    Contemporary Hip-Hop, Darvensky Louis 
  • Injury Prevention, Ashton Hilbrands 
    Laura Morton, Contemporary Ballet
    Onye Ozuzu, Technology of a Circle
    Christina Johnson, Classical Ballet
    Joy Davis, Countertechinque
    Christian Clark, Contemporary Partnering
    Tara Lee, Contemporary
    Jackie Nash, Contemporary Ballet
    Rachel Van Buskirk, Classical Ballet
    John Welker, Mental Readiness
    Darvensky Louis, Contemporary Hip Hop
  • Jackie Nash, Classical Ballet
    Ashley Eleby, Improvisation
    Ido Gidron, GAGA
    Christian Clark, Classical Ballet
    Contemporary Ballet, Tara Lee
    Meg Brooker, Duncan Technique
    John Walker, Mental Readiness
    Donald Byrd, Modern
    Rachel Van Buskirk, Contemporary Ballet
    Xay Zoleil, Hip Hop
  • Rachel Van Buskirk, Classical Ballet
    Laura Morton, Improvisation
    Christian Clark, Contemporary Ballet
    Xavier Lewis, Hip Hop
    Shaden Dance Company
    John Welker, Classical Ballet
    Thang Dao, Modern
    Heath Gill, Improvisation
    John Welker, Mental Readiness
    McCree O'Kelley, Ballet
    Lisa K. Lock, Modern
  • Marsha Barsky, Gyrokinesis
    John Welker, Modern
    Caroline Clark, Butoh
    Tara Lee, Contemporary Ballet
    Rachel Van Buskirk, Classical Ballet
    Heath Gill, Improvisation
    Jon Carr, Contemporary
    John Welker- Mental Readiness
    Christian Clark, Classical Ballet
    Laura Morton, Improvisation
    Alex Gonzaga, Contemporary Ballet
    Xavier Lewis, Hip Hop
  • Tara Lee, Contemporary Ballet
    Toni Jenkins, Classical Ballet
    Xavier Lewis, Hip Hop
    Caroline Clark, Butoh
    Ana Llorente, Latin
    McCree O’Kelley, Virtual Ballet
  • Stacey Slichter, Classical Ballet
    Dre Lakin, Injury Prevention
    Carson Hobbs, Musical Theatre
    Dr. Ivan Pulinkala, Modern
    Ana Llorente, Latin
    Sarah Hillmer, Contemporary Ballet
    AJ Paug, Hip Hop
    John Welker, Contemporary Ballet and Dance Performance and Mental Readiness (Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre)
    Tara Lee, Classical Ballet (Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre)
  • Christine Welker, Classical Ballet 
    Jon Carr, Contemporary
    Jan Wikstrom, Voice
    Carson Hobbs, Musical Theater 
    Sarah Hillmer, Contemporary Ballet
    Dre Lakin, Jazz
    Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Modern
    Nicole Johnson, Contemporary Ballet
  • Nicole Johnson, Contemporary Ballet
    Martha Goodman, Classical Ballet
    Harrison Long, Acting for Dancers
    Julie Galle Baggenstoss, Flamenco
    Sarah Hillmer, Contemporary Ballet






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