Types of Accounting Certifications 

Accounting majors have a variety of options for certification. The “gold standard” is Certified Public Accountant (CPA). There are over half a million licensed CPAs in the United States, and the CPA credential is the most recognized and broad certification you can earn.  Being a CPA can open doors for many business career opportunities. If the CPA is not an option for you, below are some of the other credentials you can earn.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Certified Public Accountants provide audits, accounting advice, and tax services for their clients. While non-CPAs may also provide accounting and tax services, only CPAs can provide audit services. Additionally, the CPA is required for many high-level corporate accounting positions because the credential represents a high standard of competence, professionalism, and integrity. You can gain the 150 hours necessary for the CPA and take the CPA Exam with our KSU Master of Accounting (MAcc). The MAcc program tuition covers all of the CPA preparation materials and sitting fees.

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Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

Certified Internal Auditors are trained in risk management, including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), risk response, and data analysis of company and individual risk measures. KSU students can pursue entry-level Internal Audit positions by getting their Internal Audit Educational Partnership (IAEP) certificate. The Internal Audit Center (IAC) at KSU is a Center of Excellence in Internal Audit. By completing two elective accounting courses, students can earn their IAEP certificate at graduation.

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Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Certified Fraud Examiners analyze transactions and laws to eliminate fraud and white-collar crime around the world. CFEs have career opportunities in accounting and law firms and in corporations as Security and Risk Management Advisers. At Coles College, we can help prepare you to meet the requirements for this certification.

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified Management Accountants are accountants and financial professionals who excel in data analysis, decision support, and financial planning. CMAs serve in multiple senior roles like controller, CFO, budget analyst, finance manager, and cost accountant. Check out our KSU CMA pathway to succeed in obtaining your certification.

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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Information Systems Auditors plan and carry out audits within an organization. The CISA exam can be taken by students without a degree. However, you will need to have five (5) years of professional experience, and adhere to a code of ethics to earn the CISA certification.

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