MSHMI Curriculum

The Masters of Science in Healthcare Management and Informatics (MSHMI) is an 36-hour interdisciplinary program.

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Core Courses (30 Credit Hours)

Provide capabilities in:

  • Healthcare
  • Informatics & Data Analytics (SAS, R, SPSS)
  • Management, Governance, Ethical, Legal, and Security
  • Database, Software Development (C++/ JAVA), Data Mining

Capstone Course (3 Credit Hours)

The objective of the capstone course is to provide students an opportunity to integrate knowledge gained in the classroom with real‐world problems. Students work in teams to identify and solve a real world problem related to healthcare management and informatics, and apply the knowledge learned in class to design a potential solution.

Electives (3 Credit Hours)

  • Healthcare
  • Informatics
  • Data Analytics
  • Computing and Information Systems
  • Management and Governance
  • Security

Program with CAHIIM Standards:

In order to ensure the quality of the graduate program, the design and curricular components are based on the nationally accepted standards set up by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics, Information Management Education (CAHIIM) and input from our Advisory Boards.