Membership to KSU's Parent & Family Association (PFA) is now FREE!

To access all the great benefits of the PFA, please visit The Owl Family Hub at your earliest convenience. The Hub is your 'one stop shop' for information, updates, event registration as well as connecting with your student's KSU data! 

Start today! Visit the Owl Family Hub, sign up for your tailored profile by adding your email address and password. That's all that's needed to get started! Once you sign up for this, you'll be in the know as a parent/family supporter of your owl. 

Connect with your student's data by clicking on the graduation cap in your main screen on the top right. When you click there, it will lead you through the process of adding your student's KSU email address (be sure this address is CORRECT or this will not work). It sends them the needed digital permission forms. It's all initiated through you via your Owl Family Hub account, and sent directly to their KSU email address. Once they digitally sign-on on the form, you'll begin seeing their data populate within the next 24 hours. So easy!

Finally, through the Hub, if there's a need for you to receive an immediate notifications, timely reminders about dates/deadlines as well as how to sign up for Family Weekend, you'll receive a short nudge email, generated from the Hub directly to your email. Be sure the email you add initially to start your profile on the Hub is one that you check frequently. That's where we'll send you these timely reminders and notifications.

By being a PFA member, you gain access to all the above mentioned perks, all with the ease simply visiting the Hub, creating your log-in/password credentials and selecting what information is important for you - a totally tailored experience. In addition to the ease of having this one-stop-shop at your fingertips, you'll also receive discounts and perks throughout the year. I work with community partners to offer you fun and discounted opportunities to utilize with or without your student! You'll know about these discounted opportunities by being on the Hub! Be the best KSU parent/family member you can be - hop on the Owl Family Hub today to get started!

With you every step of the way - keeping you connected and engaged.


~Sharon Brownlow, Director, Parent & Family Programs