Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

Whether you want to start your own company or help others develop their companies, the Kennesaw State University Entrepreneurship degree will get you on the right path. The Bachelor's degree in Business Entrepreneurship offers courses that focus on how to start something new that others find valuable, whether it's your startup company, someone else's startup, or inside an existing organization.

The Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship at Coles College is the first of its kind in Georgia and has been recognized as a National Model Program for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education by the United States Association for Business and Entrepreneurship.

The Kennesaw State Entrepreneurship degree fosters deep thinking, experimentation, observation, and reflection to instigate creativity and action into economic development. This program includes entrepreneurial orientation in various settings, including new venture creation, social stewardship, family business, government operations, and corporate endeavors. The goal is to create an entrepreneurial, action-oriented mindset and skill set that differentiates you as a business owner or future employee.

Coles College of Business has developed several programs and centers of excellence that strengthen businesses locally and worldwide and provide you with hands-on knowledge and experience. As a critical part of your learning and experience, you'll have the opportunity to work in various facilities such as the:

  • Family Enterprise Center
  • Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
  • Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program

Additionally, obtaining your degree in entrepreneurship can serve as a validation of your business acumen and skills. Finally, a business degree in entrepreneurship can add to your credibility when pursuing funding for a business concept.



KSU Entrepreneurship students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Program Format: Face-to-Face, Online or Hybrid

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: Four-year Program

Primary Campus: Kennesaw

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Degree Pathway

Stay on path for graduation by using the degree pathway that maps out your courses by semester and by year.

Entrepreneurship Degree Pathway
degree pathway

Entrepreneurship Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Flexible Course Options – The entrepreneurship degree offers flexible options to fit your needs and a busy schedule, including online, face-to-face, and hybrid (combination online and face-to-face) courses.

  • Hands-On Experience – You will receive hands-on training through classroom work. You'll have the opportunity to work in teams and participate in group projects to learn how to deliver high-quality solutions.

  • Diverse Career Options – As an entrepreneurship graduate, you will have varied career choices that will lead to quicker employment.

What can you do with an Entrepreneurship degree?

  • Incubator/Accelerator Manager
  • General Manager
  • Sales and Business Development Analyst
  • Research and Design Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Marketer 
  • Business Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Investment Analyst

Entrepreneurship Salary and Career Information

Entrepreneurship offers many paths that can easily align with your current and future career goals. You can start your own company, join funded startups, or jump into existing entrepreneurial and innovative organizations. Entrepreneurship will help you build and lead into the future.

Double Owl

Double Owl Pathway

Double Owl Pathways allows undergraduate students to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significantly lower costs and in less time than pursuing each degree separately. KSU offers a variety of Pathways to choose from various disciplines, allowing students to graduate sooner and get a head start on their future careers.

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