Bachelor of Arts in Modern Language and Culture

The Modern Language and Culture (Foreign Language) degree prepares you to communicate effectively in one or more foreign languages and have a keen understanding of how humans interact across world cultures. Speaking a second language and understanding other cultures is of strategic importance in a world in which international collaboration is necessary for political survival and indispensable for economic success.  As a foreign language degree student, you’ll learn to communicate effectively in written and spoken forms. You will also study the language in various areas, including history, literature, politics, and the arts.

The skills you acquire as a foreign language major are increasingly valuable in our global world. As a component of your studies for your foreign language degree, you’ll become familiar with current global issues and possess the knowledge, skills, and versatility needed to succeed academically and professionally in an ever-changing society.

You will choose one of five primary languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

You will develop and refine language proficiency as well as cross-cultural competence.

As a foreign language graduate, you’ll be well-equipped to enter various fields or continue your education through professional or graduate school.

The foreign language degree consists of four concentrations – you’ll choose one based on your career goals:

  • Second Language and Culture
  • Teacher Certification in Foreign Language (FLED)
  • Applied Business
  • Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

For more information on specific classes, see our Modern Language and Culture degree information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.



KSU modern language and culture students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Program Format: Face-to-Face and Hybrid

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: Four-year Program

Primary Campus: Kennesaw

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Degree Pathway

Stay on path for graduation by using the degree pathway that maps out your courses by semester and by year.

Modern Language and Culture Degree Pathway
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Modern Language and Culture Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Flexible Program – Many classes may be available either in-class or online (hybrid).

  • Hands-On Experience – You will receive hands-on training through classroom work. You'll have the opportunity to work in teams and participate in group projects to learn how to deliver high-quality solutions.

  • Diverse Career Options – As a modern language and culture graduate, you will have varied career choices that will lead to quicker employment.

What can you do with a modern language and (foreign language) culture degree?

What type of jobs can you get with a foreign language degree?  Foreign Language majors have a multitude of career paths to follow.  Typical employers for foreign language majors include Embassies, International Political Organizations, Schools, Banks, Government, Non-profit Organizations, Hospitality and Healthcare, Airlines, Cruise Line, and more.  Potential jobs include:

  • Affirmative Action Representative
  • Customs Agent
  • Editorial Assistant
  • FBI/NSA Agent
  • Financial Analyst
  • International Marketing
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Journalist/Writer
  • Legislative Assistant

Modern Language and Culture Salary and Career Information

A Modern Language and Culture career offer many paths that can easily align with your current and future goals. Below are just a few jobs achievable with a bachelor's degree in Modern Language and Culture from KSU.

Double Owl

Double Owl Pathway

Double Owl Pathways allows undergraduate students to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significantly lower costs and in less time than pursuing each degree separately. KSU offers a variety of Pathways to choose from various disciplines, allowing students to graduate sooner and get a head start on their future careers.

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