Minor in Energy/HVAC

The Energy/HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) minor concentrates on the design and operation of heat and mass transfer systems, which produce the needed environments for manufacturing operations, industrial processes, and human comfort. Systems utilizing mechanical equipment are focused on such as pumps, blowers, fans, air compressors, heat exchangers, internal combustion engines, steam turbines, and boilers. This minor leads to multiple career opportunities, such as an HVAC systems engineer, Process plant engineer, Maintenance supervisor and many more!

KSU engergy hvac students in the classroom
  • Program Snapshot

    Required Courses: 
    Students must take the following two courses: 

    • ME 3410: Thermodynamics *
    • MET 3401: Thermodynamics I **
    • MET 3402: Thermodynamics II
    • *ME students must take ME 3410

    **MET students must take MET 3401

    Select three courses from the following:

    • ME 3440: Heat Transfer *or
    • MET 4401: Heat Transfer *
    • MET 4411: Refrigeration
    • ENGR 4412: Air Conditioning
    • MET 4431: Plant and Power Applications
    • REET 4110: Solar Thermal Systems
    • *ME students take ME 3440, MET students take MET 4401, not both 

    Required Basic and Engineering Science and Mathematics Prerequisite Courses:
    Most of the engineering disciplines require these courses.
    non-engineering students may have to take these courses before they can take the minor courses.

    • ENGR 2214: Engineering Mechanics - Statics
    • ENGR 3343: Fluid Mechanics
    • MET 3101: Fluid Mechanics Principles & Applications
    • PHYS 1111: Introductory Physics I
    • PHYS 2211: Principles of Physics I

    Note: ME students must take PHYS 2211 and ENGR 3343. MET student may take either PHYS 1111 or PHYS 2211 and MET 3101 or ENGR 3343

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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