Minor in International Affairs

The International Affairs Minor is designed to provide you with relevant exposure to the analytical tools and substantive knowledge necessary to make sense of an increasingly complex global environment. The curriculum is flexible enough to engage a wide range of interests. For instance, you can focus on geographic regions, including Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Alternatively, you can focus on substantive issues, such as development, security, or the politics of international economic relations.


KSU international affairs students in the classroom
  • Program Snapshot

    Required Courses: 6

    • POLS 2240: Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • POLS 2250: Introduction to International Relations

    Elective Courses: 9 Credit Hours
    Three (3) elective courses must be selected from the list below.
    Students cannot have more than one elective in common with their major.

    • POLS 3350: American Foreign Policy
    • POLS 3850: Introduction to Nongovernmental Organizations and Development
    • POLS 4100: Directed Applied Research
    • POLS 4202: Politics of the U.S. Intelligence Community
    • POLS 4430: International Law and Organization
    • POLS 4431: Politics of International Terrorism
    • POLS 4433: European Union Politics
    • POLS 4436: Politics of Developing Areas
    • POLS 4437: Global Security
    • POLS 4439: Political Economy of Russia and Central Asia in Transition
    • POLS 4440: Comparative Democratization
    • POLS 4448: Russian Politics and Culture
    • POLS 4449: Russian Foreign Policy
    • POLS 4452: Politics of East Asia
    • POLS 4453: Latin America: Democracy and Development
    • POLS 4454: Politics of the Middle East
    • POLS 4455: International Relations of Africa
    • POLS 4456: International Environmental Policy
    • POLS 4457: South Asian Politics: A Comparative Perspective
    • POLS 4460: Politics of NATO
    • POLS 4490: Special Topics in Political Science

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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