Minor in Music

Students must be fully accepted into the Bailey School of Music as a minor by 1) being accepted into KSU, 2) completing a supplemental music application and 3) completing a successful audition for the music faculty. In order to graduate with a minor in music on the student permanent record, the student must complete all requirements and submit to the Registrar’s Office a completed and approved “Declaration of Formal Minor” form along with the student’s petition to graduate. The School of Music approves all music minors and advises students as to all specific requirements of the minor. At least six (6) credits must be done in residence at KSU.


KSU music students in the classroom
  • Program Snapshot

    Required Courses: 18 Credit Hours

    • MUSI 1111:  Skills I
    • MUSI 2212: Aural Skills II
    • MUSI 1121: Music Theory I
    • MUSI 2122: Music Theory II
    • MUAP 1101: Music Symposium (taken 4 times, see note below)
    • MUAP 3311: Applied Lessons
    • MUAP 3312: Applied Lessons
    • MUAP 4411: Applied Lessons
    • MUAP 4412: Applied Lessons
    • Choir or Small Ensemble

    Students must select one course from the following list of 1 credit hour courses and repeat the course for a total of 2 Credit hours.

    • MUSI 3200: Gospel Choir
    • MUSI 3201: Men’s Ensemble
    • MUSI 3202: Women’s Choir
    • MUSI 3210: Classical Guitar Ensemble
    • MUSI 3211: Jazz Guitar Ensemble
    • MUSI 3212: Jazz Combo
    • MUSI 3220: Percussion Ensemble
    • MUSI 3221: String Ensemble
    • MUSI 3222: Woodwind Ensemble
    • MUSI 3223: Brass Ensemble
    • MUSI 3224: Piano Ensemble
    • MUSI 3225: Mixed Chamber

    Large Ensembles
    Placement of students in large ensembles is determined by the appropriate large ensemble directors.  Students will repeat one large ensemble course four times for at a total of 4 credit hours. Jazz Ensemble may be used for up to four large ensemble credits only by permission of the Director of Jazz Studies.

    • MUSI 3343: Jazz Ensemble
    • MUSI 3344: University Philharmonic Orchestra
    • MUSI 3345: Wind Symphony
    • MUSI 3346: Chamber Singers
    • MUSI 3347: Wind Ensemble
    • MUSI 3348: Symphony Orchestra
    • MUSI 3349: Chorale

    Music minors will be required to pass with a satisfactory grade (S) four semesters of MUAP 1101: Music Symposium, to be eligible to graduate. They must be enrolled every semester in this course until the requirement is accomplished.

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18


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