Bachelor of Science in Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment degree at KSU will prepare you for a creative digital media industry career. You will gain insight into the skills needed for podcasting, filmmaking, screenwriting, film, video production, and many more.

The Media and Entertainment degree will challenge you to explore the critical ways in which communication and media connect with and affect our lives, society, and culture. With the media degree, you’ll learn about the forms and effects of media, including radio, film, television, print, and electronic media. You’ll also learn and demonstrate basic digital media production skills.

As a media and entertainment degree component, you’ll engage with creative analysis, production, and research into traditional and emerging forms of media. The program curriculum emphasizes media history, media institutions, theory and research, production, ethics, policy, management, and technology and their effects on contemporary life.

The program will provide you with theoretical and hands-on approaches to studying and producing media. The media and communication degree defines “entertainment” as “any media or communication function used for entertainment purposes.” Therefore, you will find that the field of media and entertainment is vast and includes everything from film, television, and radio pre-production, production, and post-production; to corporate, government, and non-profit communications and digital media production.

Jobs in the media and entertainment industry can include theater, music, museums, theme parks, sports, travel and tourism, and gaming. The program also features momentum productions, a collective of faculty and students who volunteer to help our campus and community partners with media production projects.

Digital Media Lab

As a Media and Entertainment major student, you will have access to Digital Media Lab, which facilitates creative breakthroughs in audio/visual storytelling across a multimedia spectrum.

The Digital Media Lab is always a work in progress, focusing on various digital technology concerning both video and audio productions. The Lab has audio and video production facilities and provides Mac Pro workspaces that include Adobe Creative Suite. Additionally, there is HD video equipment for studio and field production.

In the Lab, the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge technologies is offered with a genuine encouragement to view these technologies as tools and not just an end in themselves.




KSU media and entertainment students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Program Format: Face-to-Face and Hybrid

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: Four-year Program

Primary Campus: Kennesaw

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Degree Pathway

Stay on path for graduation by using the degree pathway that maps out your courses by semester and by year.

Media and Entertainment Degree Pathway
degree pathway

Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Flexible Program – Many classes are available either in-class or online.

  • Hands-On Experience – You will receive hands-on training through classroom work. You'll have the opportunity to work in teams and participate in group projects to learn how to deliver high-quality solutions.

  • Diverse Career Options – As a media and entertainment graduate, you will have varied career choices that will lead to quicker employment.

What can you do with a Media and Entertainment degree?

The continuing expansion of videoblogging and media products will drive the employment demand for media and entertainment communication careers into rapid growth.  Below are a few job titles for Media and Entertainment graduates.

  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Technical Writer
  • Video Producer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Magazine Journalist
  • Market Researcher

Media and Entertainment Salary and Career Information

A career in media and entertainment offers many paths that can easily align with your current and future goals. Below are just a few jobs achievable with a bachelor's degree in media and entertainment from KSU.

Double Owl

Double Owl Pathway

Double Owl Pathways allows undergraduate students to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significantly lower costs and in less time than pursuing each degree separately. KSU offers a variety of Pathways to choose from various disciplines, allowing students to graduate sooner and get a head start on their future careers.

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