Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students who desire a broad and flexible program of study the opportunity to integrate more than one disciplinary interest in formulating their degree path. Through this interdisciplinary degree, students acquire and integrate relevant disciplinary perspectives to address contemporary political, social, scientific, and humanitarian questions facing their local and global communities. Grounded in principles that promote diversity, community engagement, and social change, a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies prepares students well for the modern workplace and advanced degrees where interdisciplinary approaches offer a unique contribution.

Independence - The Interdisciplinary Studies degree will provide you the freedom to design a program of study that combines two or more thematic or disciplinary areas which will reflect your academic aspiration. If you want to pursue a rigorous course of research and drive your intellectual development, you will thrive in this program.

Inquiry - You’re curious, and curiosity drives inquiry - to ponder things as they are and as they might be. Rather than just see one side of the equation through data, you will also learn to understand the significance of those facts in the context of a bigger picture. Cultivating an attitude of inquiry is crucial to the Interdisciplinary Studies major.

Innovation - The result of independence and inquiry is often innovation—the act of making something new. You will be encouraged to push yourself toward creative ways of thinking and expressing your thoughts that will benefit your college and career path.

Integration - You’ll develop the skillset to investigate how various aspects of knowledge from across disciplines relate. Whether from the arts, social sciences, humanities, or natural sciences, the interrelation of facets of learning is an essential aspect of your degree.



KSU integrative studies students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Program Format: Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Online

Number of Credit Hours: 120 Total Hours

Entry Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Time to Complete: Four-year Program

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Degree Pathway

Stay on path for graduation by using the degree pathway that maps out your courses by semester and by year.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Pathway
degree pathway

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Customized Degree – You choose your course of study to lead to your degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

  • Hands-On Experience – You will receive hands-on training through classroom work. You'll have the opportunity to work in teams and participate in group projects to learn how to deliver high-quality solutions.

  • Diverse Career Options – As an interdisciplinary studies graduate, you will have various career options that will lead to employment in fields like education, politics, nonprofits and more.

What can you do with a Interdisciplinary Studies degree?

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you can pursue numerous degree paths based on the skills and knowledge you gain during the pursuit of your degree.  Below are a few career paths to consider:

  • Advocacy (e.g., volunteer coordinator, program administrator)
  • Business/Industry (e.g., human resources, union organizer)
  • Communications/Writing  (e.g., copy writer, editor)
  • Education (e.g., teacher, student affairs professional)
  • Government/Politics (e.g., lobbyist, public policy)
  • Nonprofits (e.g., program manager, grant writer)
  • Organizations/Institutions (e.g., museums, cultural heritage organizations)

Interdisciplinary Studies Salary and Career Information

An Interdisciplinary Studies career offers many paths that can easily align with your current and future goals. Below are just a few jobs achievable with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from KSU.

Double Owl

Double Owl Pathway

Double Owl Pathways allows undergraduate students to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significantly lower costs and in less time than pursuing each degree separately. KSU offers a variety of Pathways to choose from various disciplines, allowing students to graduate sooner and get a head start on their future careers.

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