Doctoral - Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Engineering – Ph.D.

Innovation and advancement create new, complex problems that require interdisciplinary guided solutions. Today’s industries seek engineers with graduate-level education that emphasizes the full knowledge of engineering abilities paired with evolving, interdisciplinary tactics. This doctoral program in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Kennesaw State is explicitly designed to meet these needs.

Compared to traditional engineering Ph.D. programs, the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering will challenge you to work across multiple engineering disciplines as you expand your experience past the undergraduate level. You will gain well-rounded research proficiency in a specific subject area and secondary expertise in technological innovation.

If you want to advance your engineer career to become an industry-leading candidate, the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering program offers the training and diversity you need to excel in today’s competitive job market.

Interdisciplinary Engineering  Salary and Career Information

The average Interdisciplinary Engineer salary in the USA is $106,658 per year. Graduates with Doctoral degrees make closer to $141,000 per year. The average Interdisciplinary Engineer salary in Georgia is $104,917.


Careers in engineering-related occupations in Georgia are expected to grow to 95,000 new jobs by 2028. There is a thriving job market for Ph.D. holding engineers along with progressive opportunities that various technology industries are currently moving towards in Georgia.

Interdisciplinary Engineering  Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State 

  • Multiple Engineering Disciplines - You’ll work and collaborate with various fields from Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Technology, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering at KSU.
  • Competitive Curriculum - With unique courses like Research Design, and Professional Practice, you’ll be exposed to modern practices that are transforming the engineering field in academia, government, and entrepreneurship.
  • Adaptive Research - You will contribute groundbreaking research focused on solutions to current engineering trends on a local, national, and an international scale.
  • Well-balanced Skillset - Become a versatile engineer with Technical depth, Intellectual ability, and Equipped professionalism (TIE). Answer the calling for adaptable engineers in Georgia and across the U.S.

Contact Information:

Interdisciplinary Engineering, Ph.D., MD # 9075
Kennesaw State University
840 Polytechnic Lane
Marietta, GA 30060
Dr. Philippe Sucosky
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering Program Director

Phone: (470)-578-3158



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