Market-Based Salary Data

In 2022, KSU began a compensation study designed to ensure that Kennesaw State University can continue to recruit, hire, and retain strong faculty talent as the institution continues to grow its enrollment, deepen its commitment to student success, develop its research enterprise, and advance its community relationships. The results of the study provide a structure that ties KSU faculty salaries to market-based data.

The proposed structure determines market minimums for each discipline and rank utilizing current CUPA data from the KSU peer group. Disciplines were determined by the Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) codes, ranks were provided by KSU Academic Affairs, and all pay rates were based on nine-month base salaries for faculty.

For all faculty ranks, minimums were established for each rank and discipline combination so that salaries will fall within 25% of the market reference point for each discipline and rank combination. To further address the market competitiveness of the Professor rank, the study ensured Professors with 10-19 years of experience in the rank of Professor at KSU were at 20% of the market reference point and Professors with 20+ years of experience in the rank of Professor at KSU were brought to 15% of the market reference point.

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Rollout FAQs


  • The new compensation structure will be implemented effective July 1. From that point forward, all contracts will include base salaries at or above the minimum compensation rate for the teaching discipline/rank combination. 
  • By July 1, 2023.
  • For employees receiving a one-time adjustment, increases will be included in the 2023 - 2024 contracts.
  • For employees receiving a one-time adjustment, the Cost-of-Living Adjustment will be applied after any one-time market adjustments.
  • If you believe there is an error in your salary calculation/contract, please email If this website does not address other questions/concerns, please consult with your department chair and dean. 
    1. Salaries of newly hired faculty will be reviewed to ensure the salary is at least at the minimum established for the rank and CIP code assigned upon hiring.
    2. Faculty who received rank promotion effective Fall 2023 were reviewed at their new rank and projected salary and salaries were brought at least to the minimum established for the rank and CIP code assigned to the faculty member.
  • No one will receive a pay decrease as a result of the market study.
  • The market study showed that Professors were the least competitive against the peer group in aggregate. 

Market Adjustment Methodology

  • The Faculty Compensation Study reviewed the market competitiveness of faculty salaries at KSU and created a structure based on market competitiveness. Adjustments based on performance/merit were not a part of the study. 
  • Teaching CIP codes are determined historically by colleges and departments and validated by Academic Affairs. These codes are used for CUPA reporting. 
  • CUPA data is faculty survey data reported to the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. You can find more information about CUPA on their website.
  • Yes, minimums will differ by rank. 
  • Market reference points (MRPs) are determined based on the base salary median or middle of our peer group for each unique rank and teaching discipline combination. MRPs are established that avoid compression/inversion across ranks in the same discipline.
  • Percent of time doesn’t impact market reference points or minimums
  • The structure is set based on the 4-digit CIP code.
  • KSU leveraged a third-party consulting firm (BUCK Consulting Group) to conduct the market study in partnership with key faculty stakeholders across campus (Faculty Senate Executive Committee, University leadership, deans, and department chairs).  
  • No. The University asked for market reference points, which are posted at the website. Once KSU had the anchor reference points, then the University established the minimums, also listed on the website, based on funds available for market rate adjustments. 


  • The structure is based on 9-month base salary. 
  • No. The structure is based on 9-month base salary.
  • Yes, different minimums were set for Lecturers and Senior Lecturers. 
  • Market reference points and minimums are set by teaching discipline and rank.