Process and Resources

With the exciting growth of Kennesaw State University, a taskforce was created to identify innovative office solutions that maximize campus resources. Through the work of the committee, we learned remote workspace options are preferable to some faculty, so the Faculty Flex Workspace Program was established. 

The program is managed at the college level to ensure each individual college’s goals are met and to provide a positive experience for participants. Because each discipline is very different, not all faculty will be eligible to participate.

How It Works

Step 1 : Request to participate by completing the Program Participation Request 

Step 2:  The form will route to your college for approval 

Step 3:  If approved, work with your college to procure any equipment needed 

Step 4:  Complete the Take Technology Home Approval Form to document the location of your University-owned assets

Note: Participation in the program is subject to change based on the needs of participants or the college.

On-Campus Workspace Options

For faculty who do not have a dedicated office, there are several places to work while on campus. Please ask your home department about spaces available in your college. On the Kennesaw campus there is an interdisciplinary faculty hoteling space located on the 3rd floor of the Academic Learning Center. We are actively working on identifying a similar faculty hoteling area on the Marietta campus. We expect this to be open by Fall 2023 semester. In addition, faculty can use KSU’s Event Management System (EMS) to book space to conduct a private meeting. 

 Book a Simple Meeting  

Equipment Resources

  • Faculty are issued one set of equipment when they begin working at KSU; either a PC or a Mac bundle that includes a monitor, a keyboard and mouse.
  • If other equipment is needed to effectively work from home, simply log into the UITS service portal to request each item:
  • If an item is not on the approved list, simply follow the standard process of requesting UITS approval. Once approved, the equipment can be ordered.
  • Faculty members that are approved to work from home should complete the “Take Technology Home Approval Form”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligibility is approved at the college level and will vary by discipline and the operational needs of the college. Please reach out to your department chair to confirm your eligibility.
  • Faculty can choose to opt out of the program at any time. Likewise, the college may discontinue faculty participation in the program at any time. In either case, the college will work with Facilities to identify office space on campus. 
  • Participation in the program will not impact instructional modality, workload or schedule. Participating faculty will still be required to be on campus, as needed, by their respective department and college. 
  • Faculty are issued one set of computer equipment when they begin working at KSU. Any additional office equipment needed to effectively work remotely should be reviewed by the college. All assigned equipment remains the property of the University. 
  • This program is voluntary and there is no compensation for participation. All assigned equipment remains the property of the University.