Conducting Faculty Searches

The Office of Faculty Affairs has a series of hiring deadlines for fall, spring, and summer applicants. Use the OneUSG Connect Careers user guides to find out how to request job openings and find the perfect fit for your department!

Advertising and Hiring Deadlines

To ensure all faculty advertising and hiring guidelines are met, we strongly recommend positions be posted and hiring paperwork submitted by the following dates:

  • Fall Hires: advertise by March 1; all hiring paperwork submitted by June 1
  • Spring Hires: advertise by August 1; all hiring paperwork submitted by November 1
  • Summer Hires: advertise by December 1; all hiring paperwork submitted by March 1

OneUSG Careers

Kennesaw State University has officially launched OneUSG Careers. All new faculty searches should be conducted using this system.


Search Guidelines

The Faculty Search Guidelines is a document detailing information on creating job descriptions, conducting searches, and hiring faculty at Kennesaw State University.

Please review the information on SACSCOC guidelines for faculty credentials when beginning the search process.

When hiring faculty, the goals articulated in the R2 Roadmap should be used to provide guidance from writing ads to making job offers.

Faculty Hiring and Search Processes


National External Advertisement

All full-time faculty postings must be advertised nationally for 30 days. This advertisement is created and uploaded in oneUSG Careers by Academic Affairs. Departments must use this national external advertisement when posting the ad in other external venues.

Faculty Job Posting Advertising Categories

You may choose up to two categories from each list for full-time faculty postings.  This information must be included on the Job Posting Template in the appropriate section.

The Chronicle of Higher Education 


Position Action Form

Please visit the Human Resources Talent Acquisition site for more information on the position approval process and the Position Action Form.

Position Action Form