Hiring Staff at KSU

This page outlines Kennesaw State University's staff hiring process and provides answers to commonly asked questions about the hiring process. Please note this does not include any division-specific hiring information. For assistance, please email jobs@kennesaw.edu or call 470-578-6030 and your call will be routed appropriately.

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Open Position

Determine education, experience, and skills required to perform needed work. Select job description and secure funding and approvals. Submit position information into One USG application tracking system.

Core Steps

  • Determine the position number, job description and budget available for the prospective hire. Your department’s budget manager may assist with this information.
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    • Schedule an intake meeting with your Recruiter to plan your approach for the search. Involve your Business Partner if position modifications are required. Recommend posting sites that might yield qualified candidates

    • Enter the opening into the applicant tracking system, One USG. Select the Recruiting Self Service tile then Recruiting Activities. Select Create Job opening and enter the Position Number, hiring team, and other information. Save and submit the form.

    • A Recruiting Coordinator will review the submission and initiate the required approvals. You will be notified when the job is approved, and the job is posted. Links to the postings will be sent to you.



Assess candidates for competence and fit.


Core Steps

  • Assess if current internal staff and others in the community might be a good candidate for the role. Encourage them to apply in One USG

  • Support efforts to attract candidates by sharing posting links with your network and asking for referrals 
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Assess candidates for competence and fit.

Core Steps

  • Go into the One USG and review the resumes and other information submitted by applicants. Determine which candidates meet minimum requirements. Decide who you want to interview. Mark candidates as reviewed and indicate their status.

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  • Schedule and hold interviews. Assess skills, abilities and fit for role. Decide who you would like to make an offer to. Document your decisions and update candidate status in One USG.


Extend a compelling value proposition to secure acceptance.

Core Steps

  • Determine the offer you want to submit based on your available budget, the finalist’s salary preference, and current pay for those in similar roles.

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  • Go into One USG and submit a job offer. Once in the candidates record, select Other Actions, Recruiting Actions and Prepare Job Offer and enter the Offer Amount. Select Submit for Approval.
  • Your Recruiter will then extend the offer or contact you about honing the offer further.
    • You will be advised if the offer is accepted or rejected. If accepted, a background check will be initiated by HR and a tentative start date will be communicated to the new hire and you.

Complete Background Screening

The Talent Acquisition team (TAM) will coordinate the background check and other screenings required by USG policy.

Core Steps

  • TAM will notify our background vendor that screens are required. Criminal and education checks are ordered for most positions. Additional DMV and credit checks as well as drug tests may be required for other positions
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  • The vendor will contact candidates to secure consent to complete the required checks. The resulting screens are typically processed in one to two weeks

  • When issues are revealed, candidates are given the opportunity to clarify or explain findings. This is called the pre-adverse process

  • Once candidates are cleared to hire, they are scheduled to attend New Employee Orientation


Prepare new hire for career success.

Core Steps

  • Contact the new hire and congratulate him or her. Answer any questions

  • A week prior to the scheduled start date, provide preliminary information about the first week on the job. Confirm arrangements for new employee orientation. Share instructions for reporting to the office (e.g., location, arrival time, dress)
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  • Prepare for the first day. Order needed access, equipment, and supplies. Advise the team and provide a brief bio. Schedule tour, introductory meetings, and training. Assign a peer coach.  

  • During the first week, make introductions and ensure access and initial training are on track

  • Convey job expectations and relevant department and campus information

  • Check in at intervals to guide progress