Tips for Conducting Interviews

    • Book an appropriate location
    • Review the job description
    • Draft and agree upon the interview questions to be asked
    • Review the candidate’s resume/ application
    • Agree on the format for the interview
    • Ensure that you know / can identify the indicators of the candidate’s ability to perform the job.
    • Introduce participants
    • Establish rapport
    • Describe the format of the interview
    • Ask behavioral questions to assess skills and experience. Questions should be clearly job-related
    • Describe the job and work environment
    • Promote the opportunity including KSU’s total rewards
    • Ask the candidate his or her salary requirements (to determine appropriateness of proceeding with candidacy)
    • Observe nonverbal behavior
    • Take notes
    • Leave time for candidate questions
    • Describe the remainder of the search process and timeframe
    • Thank candidate for his or her time
    • Evaluate the candidate
    • Document the interview
    • Update the candidate’s status in One USG, the applicant tracking system
Smiling Female Manager Interviewing an Applicant In Office.


Behavioral Based Interviewing

  • Behavior-based interviewing is a technique used to learn how a job candidate has behaved in situations he or she is likely face on the job. It is based on the premise that past behavior often predicts future behavior. Candidates are asked to describe specific scenarios and their actual results. 
    • Tell us about your preferred work environment.
    • Describe how you managed your time at your last job.
    • Describe a time when your work team was undergoing a significant change. How did that impact you, and how did you adapt?
    • What software programs did you use in your last role?
    • Describe a time when you had to interact with a difficult customer or colleague. What was the situation, and how did you handle it?
    • Tell me about a time you set a goal for yourself. How did you go about ensuring that you would meet your objective?
    • In what professional development activities have you been involved over the past few years?
    • What do you think most uniquely qualifies you for this position?
    • What kind of childcare arrangements do you have?
    • Does your spouse expect you home to cook dinner?
    • What will you do if your children get sick?
    • How do you get to work?
    • How many children do you have?
    • Does your spouse live with you or contribute support?
    • Are you likely to quit if you get married/have children?
    • Do you own a home?
    • Do you plan to get married?
    • Do you own a car?
    • Do you have any loans?
    • Do you have any debts?
    • Do you get along with other women or men?
    • Will it bother you if the others swear?
    • What language do your mother and father speak?
    • Were you born in this country?
    • That’s an unusual name, what nationality are you?
    • Can you provide a photograph of yourself?
    • How old are you?
    • How do you feel about having to work with members of a different race?


Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Questions

    Age Are you at least 18 years old? Questions about age, request for birth certificate.
    Citizenship / Nationality May ask questions about legal authorization to work in specific position if all applicants asked. Inquiry into birthplace, citizenship or nationality.
    Convictions / Arrest Inquiry into actual convictions that relate reasonably to fitness to perform a job, if all applicants asked. Any inquiry relating to arrest.
    Disability May ask about the applicant’s ability to perform job related functions. Whether applicant is disabled or nature of disability.
    Education / Experience Inquiries about degrees and previous work experience. Inquiries about the nationality, racial or religious affiliation of a school or inquiry as to how foreign language ability was acquired.
    Marital & Family Status Whether applicant can meet work schedule or job requirements. Should be asked of both sexes. Any inquiry about marital status, children, pregnancy, or childcare plans.
    Military Record Type of education / experience in service relating to a particular job. Type of discharge.
    Organizations Inquiries about professional organizations related to the position. Inquiries about organizations indicating race, sex, religion or national origin.
    Race None. Any questions regarding color of applicant’s skin, eyes, hair or other questions directly or indirectly indicating race or color.
    Religion Inquiry about days/times available for work. Any inquiry to indicate or identify religious denomination, affiliation, customs or holidays.
    Residence or Address Inquiry into place and length of current and previous addresses. Inquiry into foreign addresses that would indicate national origin, person with whom the applicant resides or whether applicant owns or rents home.
    Sex None. Any inquiry that would indicate sex of the applicant.