Types of Background Checks

Criminal Background Check

Due to University System of Georgia policies which prohibits employment of such persons, KSU requires new employees to pass a criminal background screening which shows no history of conviction of felony or other serious crime.

Consumer Credit Check

Individuals applying for positions with responsibility for money that includes, but is not limited to, Purchasing Cards (P-cards), cash, and/or credit, will be subject to a credit history check.

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KSU's Background Check Process

The background check process is completed for faculty, staff, and student hires.

  1. The candidate will receive an automatic email from the background check vendor with instructions.
  2. Once all required pre-employment screenings are completed and approved the Talent Acquisition Team sends an approval notification to the candidate and other involved parties.
  3. The Talent Acquisition team will send new employees an automatic email from the vendor to complete the onboarding/hiring packet process.
  4. Once the candidate completes their new hire packet, they will need to email their Human Resources Generalist (included on the approval email) for the next steps in joining Kennesaw State University.

Registered Visitors

The background check process may be required for non-KSU employees who are working as contractors or visitors on Kennesaw State University campuses. The Talent Acquisition team verifies if a background check is required for the visitor. If a background check is required the following steps are taken:

  1. The visitor is sent an automatic email from the background check vendor.
  2. Once all background check screenings are completed and approved, the Talent Acquisition team will send the approval notification to the KSU Sponsor and other involved parties.

Please Note: If the Registered Visitor is a Non-Paid Affiliate, these visitor’s paperwork is passed to our data entry team and their information is input in the OneUSG system because they need access to KSU systems.