For All Positions in Academic Units (Faculty or Staff) and Administrative Units Reporting to the Provost:

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For All Positions in Academic Units and Staff positions in Administrative Units

(that have completed the above process with the Provost)

  1. Hiring manager enters request in OneUSG Manager Self Service using the “Create Job Opening Tile” including the mandatory completion of the section on the Job Details tab titled “JUSTIFICATION Statement”, which should include how long the position has been vacant, the anticipated salary of the new incumbent, and a brief explanation of why it is important to fill/refill the role
  2. Request is reviewed by HR for accuracy
  3. Position is reviewed and approved by the Hiring Manager’s direct supervisor
  4. Once approved by the direct supervisor, the posting request routes to the departmental Business Manager for approval
  5. Once approved by the departmental Business Manager, the posting request routes to the Budget Office in Fiscal Affairs to ensure there is funding in the salary line
  6. When the Budget Office has confirmed there is appropriate funding in the line, the request will route to the Cabinet member (or his/her designee) for review and approval
  7. Once approved by Cabinet member/designee, the request routes to HR for final approval and posting


If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at or 470-578-6030.