Stocks and Other Securities

Please follow these instructions when making a gift of stock or securities to Kennesaw State University.

Notify Us of Your Plans

Inform the Office of Development of the specific property you plan to contribute, including the number of shares and the name of the issuing company or mutual fund. When you call (470-578-2256), tell the receptionist you are interested in making a gift of securities. You will be connected with the appropriate staff person.

Please note: According to IRS guidelines, the date and value of your gift are determined by the date in which the Kennesaw State University Foundation takes control of the securities. The KSU Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that assumes fiduciary responsibility for private gifts to Kennesaw State University.

Transfer Securities to the Kennesaw State University Foundation

A. Publicly Traded Securities held in a brokerage account

Send your broker a Letter of Authorization specifying the securities to be transferred and purpose of your gift, e.g., "for student scholarships." Send a copy of this letter to your contact person in the Office of Development. If you do not have a contact person, please send the copy to the Kennesaw State University Office of Development to the attention of Carol Goodreau. If possible, please have the securities transferred electronically, directly to the KSU Foundation's account with Bank of America as listed below. This minimizes sales and administrative costs so that more of your gift can be put to its intended use.

Bank of America
DTC number: 0955
Kennesaw State University Foundation’s account number is: 161003804929

If your broker has questions or cannot transfer the stock electronically, call us and we will be happy to assist you in completing your gift.

B. Publicly Traded Stock Held in Certificate Form

If you wish to contribute all shares represented by a certificate registered in your name, please call us at 470-578-2256.

If you plan to contribute only a portion of the shares represented by your stock certificate, you will need to have a new certificate issued in Kennesaw State University Foundation’s name by the transfer agent or the issuing corporation. Or, you can take the stock certificate to your broker with a signed Letter of Authorization specifying the number of shares to be transferred and the intended use at the Foundation, e.g., "for the Kennesaw Fund." Once the certificate has been executed, your broker can put the securities into your account and transfer the desired number of shares to Kennesaw State University Foundation. (See instructions for transferring "publicly traded stock held in a brokerage account" above.)

C. Mutual Funds

To make a gift of mutual funds, please send your mutual fund company a Letter of Authorization. Please make sure you include:

  • The name of your mutual fund and its cusip number
  • The amount you would like transferred (in number of shares or dollar amount)
  • Your account number
  • Bank of America account # (161003804929)
  • Your signature and social security number

Different mutual fund companies impose different requirements for making such transfers. Please contact Carol Goodreau at 470-578-2256 to discuss the transfer of your mutual funds.