Thesis and Dissertations

The Graduate College coordinates with all graduate programs to implement policies and procedures for both the Thesis and Dissertation. Final approval of all documents related to graduate school thesis/dissertation are made by The Graduate College. Final submission is completed using Digital Commons where the final version of the thesis or dissertation is submitted for publication. This step must be completed by the final grade deadline. For Thesis and Dissertation forms, visit the Graduate Student Forms page. 

Program specific policies regarding the Thesis or Dissertation can be found in Program Policies below. 

Please note, all KSU graduate students are expected to be familiar with all university policies in the University Graduate Catalog (current edition or edition from your entrance year), other pertinent University requirements, and policies. In the case of any inconsistencies, current University policies take precedence over the information presented in Program Handbooks. Certain information in Program Handbooks (e.g., credits, names, places, times, course numbers, and URLs) are subject to change during your time in the program. We encourage you to maintain regular contact with the Program Director, faculty in your courses, and your dissertation committee chair/members to ask any questions about program requirements or other issues you may have while you are a student in the program.  Please also reach out to the Graduate College for information on university policies.