Paid Time Off

Explore your diverse Paid Time Off (PTO) options with our guide on "Steps for Being Out of Office at KSU." From Sick Leave accrual for full and part-time employees to a unique Shared Sick Leave Program, KSU prioritizes employee well-being. Learn about general policies like Paid Leave Accrual, Short-Term Disability, and Vacation Leave Time, as well as provisions for transferring leave between institutions.

Discover how KSU supports your healthy work-life balance through the flexible PTO offerings.

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Workers' Compensation

KSU's Workers' Compensation policies are designed to provide coverage for all employees under Georgia state laws. In the event of on-the-job injuries or illnesses, employees may be eligible for medical and income benefits. This overview outlines the necessary steps to follow when injured or unwell during work hours. For detailed procedures and additional information, refer to our resources, including an online video guide on reporting on-the-job injuries.

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Leave of Absence

Discover the Leave of Absence policies, ensuring a streamlined process for employees planning an extended period away from work (more than 5 days). Whether due to illness, injury, or other reasons, the university requires employees to request and obtain approval for a Leave of Absence from HR. Our overview emphasizes the initial steps, involving communication with a supervisor about the anticipated start date and expected duration of the leave.

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Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) policies at KSU offer eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for various reasons. To be eligible, an employee must have worked at KSU for 12 months, with a minimum of 1,250 hours in the previous 12 months. Discover how to request FMLA leave and learn about the essential support process during significant life events or health challenges.

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Paid Parental Leave of Absence

Get to know the Paid Parental Leave policy, effective from July 1, 2021, under House Bill 146 in the University System of Georgia. Eligible employees, including full-time regular, part-time regular, and temporary employees with six months of service, can enjoy up to three weeks of paid leave for events like childbirth or adoption. The maximum is 120 hours, and leave can be used continuously or intermittently, expiring 365 days after the event. Learn more about this supportive benefit at KSU, including request procedures and conditions, offering valuable assistance during significant life transitions.

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