Long Term Disability Benefits

Kennesaw State University offers Long Term Disability insurance through Metlife. Long Term Disability provides you with income replacement should you become disabled for an extended period of time. 

The Long Term Disability plan is designed to replace a portion of your pay when you are disabled. Benefits begin after a waiting period of 90 days and continue as long as you are disabled up to your Social Security Retirement Age. If your claim is approved, Metlife will provide a monthly benefit of 60% of your pre-disability wages up to a maximum monthly benefits of $15,000. To apply for Long Term Disability benefits, you must call Metlife at 1-866-832-5759.

photo of desctop with handicap symbol on yellow post it note and long term disability written on white post it note and another with a money bag and stack of hundreds.

If you receive benefits under other disability plans including Social Security and/or Retirement, the Long Term Disability benefit will be reduced by the amount received under those plans. Your disability premiums are deducted after-tax so the benefit you receive will not be taxed.

Definition of Disability: An Employee, because of Injury or Sickness, is unable to perform all of the material and substantial duties of his own occupation and is not engaged in any occupation for wage or profit. The loss of a professional or occupational license or the inability to obtain or qualify for a license for any reason does not, in itself, constitute Total Disability.
Pre-existing Conditions: You may not be eligible for LTD benefits for 12 months if you received treatment for a condition within three months of when your disability coverage begins. There is no proof of good health requirement for this benefit. 
Monthly Rate Calculation: You pay for Long Term Disability coverage with after-tax dollars.

Initiate a Claim for Benefits

Sign in to MyBenefits now. 
Make sure to have the following information available: 

  • Your contact information
  • Disability details
  • Physician contact information

A MetLife Claims specialist will be in touch within 1-2 business days to confirm next steps.

*Online claim submissions are not available to all groups. Please call 888-608-6665 if you are not eligible to file online.



Metlife Customer Service:  1-866-832-5759
Hours: M-F 8:00am-11:00pm EST