2024 Annual Retirement Ceremony

Every spring, we host an annual celebration recognizing those who have retired in the past year or are planning to retire by the end of the current academic year. The Retirees Association hosts a luncheon for the retirees and a guest immediately following the ceremony. 

Congratulations to the following 2023-2024 Retirees!

  • Herbert "William" Rice
    Professor of English

    Paul "Dave" Peeples
    Instructor of Construction Management

    William Carpenter
    Professor of Architecture

    Laurette Rust
    Office Manager

    Bill Diong
    Interim Assistand Dean of Research and Professor of Systems Engineering

    John Gentile
    Professor of Performance Studies and Communication

    Zoila Torres
    Museum Exhibit Designer

    Mark Kremer
    Professor of Political Science

    George Johnson
    Lead Service Team Associate

    Momoh Agbomire
    Lead Groundskeeper

    Cheryl Mero
    Assistant Director, Accounting and Finance

    Jennifer Morris
    Senior Campus Planner

    David Smith
    Senior Software Engineer

    Joseph Yaccarino
    Manager, Campus Maintenance

    Ping Johnson
    Professor of Health Promotion and Physical Education

  • Valerie Whittlesey Mays
    Professor of Psychology

    Daniel Sachs
    Associate Professor of Art History

    John Dziejowski
    Events Coordinator

    Joe "Joseph" Thomas
    Professor of Art History

    Richard Rhodes
    Director, Design and Construction

    Karen Smith
    Executive Director, Community and Professional Education

    Harriet Bessette
    Professor of Inclusive Education and Educational Leadership

    Judyth Barnes
    Office Manager

    Anne Richards
    Professor of English

    Linda Stewart
    Assistant Director for Graduate Student Support and Associate Professor of English

    Dale Gooch
    Supervisor, Custodial Services

    Chan Ham
    Professor of Mechatronics Engineering

    Jeffrey Delaney
    Interim Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

    Stephen Rahn
    Senior Instructional Designer

    Paula Bridges

    Patsy Lai
    Manager, Accounting

    Bernadette Haynes
    Police Lieutenant

    James Cook
    HVAC Technician

    Molenda Elem
    Marketing and Communications Specialist

    Brenda Farrell
    Degree Certifier

    Susan Flinchum
    Administrative Assistant

    William Gillespie

    Associate Professor of Political Science

    Melea Benavides
    Administrative Assistant

    Carine West
    Business Operations Manager

    Caritina Salgado
    Supervisor, Custodial Services

    David Baugher
    Senor Institutional Research Analyst

    Shirley "Imani" Mwangi-Davis
    Document Processor

    Donna Barrett
    Supervisor, VA Certifying Official

    Donald "Ray" Burgos
    Director, Design Services

    Ron "Ronald" Anderson
    Technical Director, Event AV Tech

    Judith Cole
    Senior Lecturer of Music

    Leslie Hankey
    Lecturer of Technical Communication

    Florence Farley
    Accounting Assistant

    Matthew Wilson
    Professor of Geospatial Sciences

    Emily "Chris" Rumsey
    Senior Lecturer of Management

    Jayne Rogers
    Senior Accountant

    Hope Torkornoo
    University Ombuds and Professor of Marketing and International Business

    Jose Garrido
    Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems

    Daniel Paracka
    Coordinator of Religious Studies and Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Diana Baughman
    Lab Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Marcella Ziegler
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Linda Lyons
    Director of Strategic Outreach and Initiatives and Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Sandra Cobb
    Senior Business Operations Manager

    Cheryl Shinall
    Lecturer of Technical Communication

    Brian Wills
    Director, Center for the Study of the Civil War Era and Professor of History

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