Top 10 priority deadline advantages: earlier access to: orientation, housing, scholarships, honors, financial aid, advising, class scheduling, parking, less stress, more free time. Get an early start on Finding Your Wings at KSU

Enjoy the Advantages of Applying Early – KSU Priority Deadline Nov. 2  

Have you chosen Kennesaw State as your college destination for fall 2021? If so, then apply by KSU’s Priority Deadline, Nov. 2.  Enjoy the many advantages of applying early. 

Apply by Nov 2nd

  • Presidential Task Force On Race

    Presidential Task Force On Race

    The Presidential Task Force on Race is comprised of student, faculty, staff and alumni leaders who are working to lead KSU toward meaningful change for our community and beyond.

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  • Global Affairs Image

    Global Affairs

    The Division of Global Affairs is a multi-departmental organization that spearheads programs designed to connect KSU students to the world, and vice versa.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion Image

    Diversity & Inclusion

    A welcoming, diverse, and inclusive climate is critical to attaining KSU’s research, scholarship, teaching, and engagement goals.

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  • Online Learning Image

    Online Learning

    Designed and taught by KSU faculty, distance learning at KSU offers high quality degree options with distance learning convenience and flexibility.

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  • Community Engagement Images

    Community Engagement

    Community Engagement connects university resources with those of the public and private sectors to enrich scholarship, research, and contribute to the public good.

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  • Veterans Image


    KSU strives to be one of the nation’s top military friendly schools by offering a wide range of veterans-focused educational and support services.

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