The Department of Student Volunteerism and Service envisions a more compassionate and equitable world made possible by leveraging student ability to meet community needs. 

Student volunteering

student volunteering at mustministries food drive


To make that vision a reality, our mission is to facilitate field-based volunteerism and service opportunities for KSU students to support the common good alongside campus neighbors, community partners, and local organizations. 

Our Team

  • Executive Director, CARE Services/Volunteerism
    (470) 578-5260
    KH 3429

  • Assistant Director, Student Volunteerism and Service
    (470) 578-7782
    KC 317

    Phone: 470-578-7782

    Talk to Me About:

    • Service Learning
    • Community Partnerships
    • Annual Events

  • Program Coordinator, Volunteerism
    (470) 578-5621
    ST 315

    Phone: 470-578-5621

    Talk to Me About:

    • Service Saturday
    • GivePulse