Connecting our students with meaningful volunteer opportunities is an important part of our work. These listings are managed through our GivePulse platform.

Introduction & Guidelines for Affiliates on GivePulse

  • The Department of Student Volunteerism and Service’s (SVS) mission is to facilitate field-based volunteerism and service opportunities for Kennesaw State University (KSU) students to support campus neighbors, community partners, and local organizations. To fulfill this mission, we encourage all members of the KSU community to regularly volunteer their time in the community and to track their impact.

    As a community organization, we recognize how critical your work is to serve the community. Our goal is to create an intentional partnership with you by encouraging KSU students to develop a passion for serving their communities with organizations like yours.

  • GivePulse is the official volunteer management platform for Kennesaw State University. Through GivePulse, community organizations, like you, can become affiliated with KSU’s page and post volunteer opportunities for students to take part in. These can range from one-time events to ongoing opportunities. Additionally, students can track and have hours verified directly all through the platform.
  • To maintain a mutually beneficial partnership with you, we have created the list of guidelines below, of which we ask all community partners to abide by when using the platform. Please read these in its entirety before submitting the affiliate request form. 

    • We will only accept affiliate requests for organizations that are not affiliated with Kennesaw State University (I.e., departments, student organizations, etc.) and are actively working to serve community needs.
      • An affiliate is defined as an organization, which has access to post volunteer opportunities to KSU’s main page. Affiliates will also be able to manage volunteers, verify hours served with the organization, and export impact data as needed.
      • KSU departments and other KSU associations may obtain permission to have a meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunity posted for an event, which supports a community need outside of KSU. For more information on this process, please email the SVS Team (
    • Affiliates may post different types of unpaid volunteer opportunities that will support the organization’s mission, including but not limited to:
      • Direct service, such as working with the population in need (I.e., reading books to children, delivering meals to homes, spending time with residents in hospice care).
      • Indirect service (I.e., organizing a food pantry, cleaning a warehouse, performing administrative duties, etc.).
    • All affiliates are expected to be active on the platform. This includes adding and removing opportunities, verifying impacts/hours served, and responding to messages from KSU administrators, as necessary.
    • All affiliates will be expected to renew their affiliation status annually. This is to ensure that all affiliates remain active on the platform. (KSU administrators will reach out when it is time to renew).
    • The Department of Student Volunteerism and Service reserves the right to approve or deny any affiliate request. Additionally, a community organization’s affiliation status may be revoked if the organization is found not following the expectations listed above. 

Next Steps

After becoming affiliated with the KSU page, you can begin posting opportunities!

To learn more about how to use the platform, please watch this YouTube playlist of videos provided directly from the GivePulse team. 

Thank you for playing an active role in fulfilling community needs. The SVS Team recognizes the importance of your work and wants to be as supportive as possible in fulfilling your organization’s mission! We are looking forward to working with you in the future to support volunteerism and service efforts.

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