Connecting our students with meaningful volunteer opportunities is an important part of our work. These listings are managed through our GivePulse platform.

Introduction & Guidelines for Affiliates on GivePulse

  • GivePulse is the official volunteer management platform for Kennesaw State University. Through GivePulse, community organizations can post volunteer opportunities for students to take part in. These can range from one-time events to ongoing or long-term opportunities. Additionally, GivePulse is also the platform through which students will track and have their hours verified by community partners.
  • To maintain a mutually beneficial partnership with you, we have created the list of guidelines below, of which we ask all affiliates to abide by when using the platform. Please read these in its entirety before submitting the affiliate request form.  
    For all affiliates 
    • You are expected to have a welcoming & informational page that includes information about your organization and updated contact information.
      • This must be completed before submitting an affiliate application.
    • You will be expected to renew your KSU affiliation status annually. This is to ensure that all affiliates remain active on the platform.
      • KSU administrators will reach out when it is time to renew. 
    For community organizations & Non-Profits: 
    • Before submitting an affiliate application, you are expected to meet with a member of the SVS Team. This meeting will provide you with an overview of GivePulse, applications for how to use the platform, and more. To schedule this meeting, you can reach out to Michael Almond (
    • You may share unpaid volunteer opportunities that will support the organization’s mission, including but not limited to:
      • Direct service, such as working with the population in need (e.g., reading books to children, delivering meals to homes, etc.).
      • Indirect service (e.g., organizing a food pantry, cleaning a warehouse, performing administrative duties, etc.).
    • Any open volunteer opportunities must be in accordance with SVS’s Guidelines for Tracking Impacts Through GivePulse, which can be found on the Department of Student Volunteerism and Service website (see below).
    • Every event posted through GivePulse must be inclusive and invite equal participation from all students, regardless of sex, gender identity, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, disability status, and religion.
    • You are expected to be active on the platform by:
      • Adding/Removing open opportunities.
      • Responding to KSU Administrators & registered volunteers.
      • Verifying submitted service hours within 30 days of submission. 

    For KSU Registered Student Organizations:

    • We encourage you to have all members of your organization track their service hours through GivePulse and share these hours with Kennesaw State University.
    • You may obtain permission to post an upcoming volunteer event, for which you would like to invite other members of your organization or in the KSU community to participate. To do so, please visit KSU’s GivePulse page and select “Submit an Event” to review the guidelines for Event Submission and submit an event.
    • Any events or impacts logged through GivePulse must be in accordance with SVS’s Guidelines for Tracking Impacts Through GivePulse, which can be found on the Department of Student Volunteerism and Service website (see below).

    The Department of Student Volunteerism and Service reserves the right to approve or deny any affiliate request. Additionally, an affiliation status may be revoked if the organization is found not following the expectations listed above.

How to Get Started with GivePulse

  • To learn more about the platform, please watch the introduction video linked below. 

  • Follow the instructions to set up a webpage for your organization and affiliate with Kennesaw State University.

    • Sign up for a personal user account as
    • Once logged in, click on “My Activity in the top right and select “Groups” in the dropdown menu.
    • Click “Create Group” on the right of the page. This is where you will create a page for your organization.
    • Once you have completed the steps to create a group, you will follow this link to affiliate with KSU’s page.
    • Review the Expectations and Guidelines for Affiliates before agreeing. Fill out and submit the remainder of the form.
  • Please email Michael Almond to set up a short meeting to discuss getting set up on GivePulse.

A member of the SVS Team will review your affiliate application and be in touch regarding your status. You will receive an email informing you of your status and the next steps you can take. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with any of the above information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Department of Student Volunteerism and Service

To learn more about how to use the platform, please watch this YouTube playlist of videos provided directly from the GivePulse team. 

Thank you for playing an active role in fulfilling community needs. The SVS Team recognizes the importance of your work and wants to be as supportive as possible in fulfilling your organization’s mission! We are looking forward to working with you in the future to support volunteerism and service efforts.

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