The KSU University Libraries provides access to printers, photocopiers, and scanners to students, faculty, staff, and visitors at both Sturgis (Kennesaw) and Johnson (Marietta) libraries.


Printing and Copying

  • Once you print your document, you can release your job at any printer/copier on campus.

    Sturgis (Kennesaw) Library

    • Ground Floor:
      • 2 Black/White & Color printers
      • Black/White Student & Guest Printer
    • 1st Floor (Owl Space Study Area) - near the South stairway
      • Black/White & Color printer 
    • 2nd Floor - near the restrooms and South stairway
      • Black/White & Color printer

    Johnson (Marietta) Library

    • Main Floor (Hive Computer Lab): Next to the circular stairs on the main floor
      • Black/White printer
      • Color printer with guest printing function
  • Black and White pages: $0.12 per side

    Color pages: $0.56 per side

  • The printers do not accept cash for printing. In order to print or copy, you must add KCash to your KSU account with your Talon card. If you are a guest, you must purchase a guest card. 

    Guests must purchase a KCash Guest Card for $2 at a KCash machine prior to adding funds and printing.

    You can add money at any KCash machine on campus, or through the web using the KCash Manager.

    It may take a few minutes for KCash to appear on the account when using the KCash Manager.

    KCash machines can take bills in any denomination, but they cannot accept change. There is a $5.00 minimum for credit/debit cards at the KCash machine and a $10.00 minimum using the KCash Manager. KCash machines accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. KSU libraries are unable to make change.

    There are KCash machines in both libraries.

    • Sturgis (Kennesaw) Library- located on the ground floor next to the self-check-out kiosk and across from the Research Help Desk.
    • Johnson (Marietta) Library- located on the brick wall next to the Ricoh printers/copiers on main level.

    The locations of KCash machines on campus can be found here.

  • If you experience an issue that results in the loss of funds or unusable pages, please contact KSU Printing Services for a refund. Front desk staff at the library cannot give refunds.


Scanning is available at both libraries:

Sturgis (Kennesaw) Library

  • Ground Floor Computer Lab Area:
    • 2 for student use
    • 1 for guest use
    • 1 at ADA computer
  • First Floor near UITS Support Desk
    • 1 at ADA computer
  • Third Floor Study Area
    • 1 located near the North Study Carral area

Johnson (Marietta) Library

  • Hive Computer Lab
    • 9 desktop scanners for student use (computers #14-23)
    • 1 desktop scanner for guest use
    • 1 at ADA computer
    • 1 Large Format Book Scanner
Please see the KSU Printing Services homepage for more printing information and support.