Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership (M.Ed.)

The Masters in Teacher Leadership at Kennesaw State University will prepare you, as a Georgia certified teacher, to elevate your knowledge and skills to include:

  • Lead and plan professional development
  • Mentor and coach other teachers
  • Align curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Model best teaching practices
  • Analyze data and improve learning through data-informed decision-making
  • Apply research-based approaches to instructional challenges
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to enhance student learning

When you graduate from the Masters in Teacher Leadership degree program at Kennesaw State, you will be the teacher  “providing professional development, building a school culture of continuous improvement and becoming change agents while maintaining the role of a classroom teacher” (GaPSC Guidance for Educators, May 9, 2012).

Degree Requirements

To graduate with the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership degree, you must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 36 credit hours
  2. Complete a six-month residency where you will:
    1. Develop an Individual Growth Plan (IGP)
    2. Develop a Residency Project Proposal.
    3. Identify opportunities in multiple settings to develop and demonstrate an effective teacher leader's knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
    4. Present your Residency Project and Capstone Portfolio as evidence of your accomplishment in the areas specified by the Teacher Leadership standards.
  1. Meet KSU's requirements for satisfactory graduate student performance and graduation, as outlined in the Academic Policies section of the KSU Graduate Catalog.

The faculty and staff are here to support and assist you in making your experience individualized and meaningful for a long career. Kennesaw State is THE place in Georgia for innovative and supportive teacher training.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions to the Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership degree program are separate from Kennesaw State graduate college application.  Refer to the KSU Graduate Catalog Admissions page for admissions requirements.  

The requirements of the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership are listed on the KSU Graduate College Teacher Leadership page.

What Can You Do with An Masters of Education degree in Teacher Leadership?

The Master’s in Teacher Leadership degree is designed to improve your practice as a classroom educator while preparing you for many possible professional futures.  

What is Teacher Leadership?

The Teacher Leadership degree is conceptualized as the “ultimate grade chair” degree and opens many doors beyond that role.  Suppose you wish to pursue a more formalized leadership position (assistant principal or principal) when you graduate. In that case, you are eligible to hold a non-renewable leadership certification (NPL) and eligible to enter an EDS program in Educational Leadership without completing an additional six (6) hour leadership pre-service.  

Additionally, if you decide to remain in an instructional role, you may pursue an EDS degree in curriculum & instruction, instructional technology, or many other fields.  Other possible professional positions you may hold with the Teacher Leadership degree include:

  • Assistant Principal
  • College Provost
  • Dean of Students or Faculty
  • Director or Supervisor
  • District Administrator
  • Education Administrator
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Principal
  • University Registrar

Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership Salary and Career Information
(If your goal is to become a school administrator, principal, or superintendent, KSU’s Educational Leadership program would be better suited for you.)

Masters in Teacher Leadership Degree Benefits at Kennesaw State

  • Approved by the GPSC — The Georgia Professional Standards Commission fully supports all degrees for the Specialist in Secondary and Middle Grades Education at Kennesaw State University
  • Classroom or Leadership Path — The M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership provides you with the skills and knowledge to continue within the classroom or change career paths toward an administrative position.
  • Advocate for Education Resources — Many educational professionals must also learn to advocate for their student's needs. You will have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to support your students — at the local, state and, even national levels. 

Department Contact Information

Kennesaw State University

Department of Educational Leadership
Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Education Building 
580 Parliament Garden Way
Kennesaw, GA 30144 

General Phone 470-578-6888  

Program Coordinators Dr. Miyoshi Juergensen,

Dr. Tamela Thomas,

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