Training Management

Kennesaw State University recognizes that safety training improves individual and organizational performance and helps the University achieve its institutional goals. The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the overall Environmental and Occupational Safety training program, including providing compliance/specialized training.

Academic and administrative departments are responsible for providing department-level, job-specific training for faculty, staff and students in the department and ensuring that the faculty, staff and students take the required safety training.

Training Need Assessment

Working with supervisors/managers, EHS identifies general and specialized training needs for various classifications of employees, based on job tasks and hazards. The need assessment is conducted through a training needs assessment questionnaire completed by the employee or the employee's supervisor. The information obtained from the need assessment is used to develop matrices of required training for groups of employees in various units on campus. Once the matrix is completed, a learning plan is developed for each employee.

Accessing Training

Training is delivered through a mix of methods including Instructor-led classroom sessions, hands-on, video-based, or computer-based via Percipio, the university's online training system. Employees access individual training plans by log into Percipio, using net ID and password. Instructor-led classroom and hands-on sessions are offered throughout the year and are advertised through KSU KSU Today and emails. Departments can request safety training by contacting Dolores Simon-Burgess, EHS Programs and Training Manager.

Percipio introduction video

Upcoming Trainings 

Below are links for upcoming trainings available through EHS. Please click the link below to sign up for the training on Percipio.