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Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation can be found in the University Catalog. Information is located under the Academic Polices section, sub-section Graduation Policies and Procedures. Please be sure that you are viewing the Undergraduate Catalog.



Graduate Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation can be found in the University Catalog. Information is located under the Academic Policies section, sub-section Graduation Requirements. Please be sure that you are viewing the Graduate Catalog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes, as long as all tests are taken before the semester ends. Proof of test completion must be sent to diploma@kennesaw.edu so your file will be held and not updated to the next term.
    • A degree is what you earn, the diploma is a piece of paper, and the certificate is a set of courses designed to meet predefined outcomes.
    • Yes. If the student is continuing to take classes for grad school or for personal interest, they need to submit the application for readmission found on the Admissions website. If the student is currently completing degree requirements, they can register according to their time ticket. If the student is continuing in a second major they do NOT need to readmit, however, should email registrar@kennesaw.edu.
    • No. The minor must be completed at the time of degree completion. If the minor is not completed before or at the time of degree completion, the minor will be removed, and the degree awarded.
    • Yes, in-progress course subs need to be submitted through the Course Substitution Portal by the academic department. Please see your advisor.
    • The student must have 30 earned hours in residence at KSU in addition to meeting the 3.5 GPA or higher. 
    • In Owl Express click on the Advising tab>transcript>student records.
    • Look in Degree Works for degrees awarded. When the petition is no longer visible you may order an official copy of your transcript.
    • Major and honors (if applicable) will appear on the diploma. Concentrations and minors do not appear on the diploma, however, will appear on the transcript.
    • Approximately 2-6 weeks after graduation. 
    • No, this is not an option.
    • Yes, each copy is $30.00. Email diploma@kennesaw.edu.
    • Undeliverable diplomas/certificates will be returned to the Registrar's Office. Diplomas/certificates will be held in the Registrar's Office for one term following the degree awarding term after which the diploma/certificate will be recycled. Should a duplicate credential be requested, an additional diploma fee of $50.00 or certificate fee of $15.00 will be applied to the student's account.
    • Undergraduates – YES, graduates – NO
    • No, the degree is not earned until the final audit has been completed by the graduation audit team. You will be notified of the outcome of the audit by email to your student email account.
    • May be purchased through Jostens and in the KSU Bookstore. 
    • An email will be sent with detailed information to all petitioned students. The email will be sent to the student email account. 
    • Students who are completing degree requirements in Summer may walk in the Spring commencement ceremony and must follow the posted deadline on the petition open and close deadline calendar
    • No. The student can choose which ceremony they would like to attend.
    • View the Petitioning Graduate video here.

    • Petitions must be submitted for stand-alone certificates as long as they appear in Degree Works. If they do not appear in Degree Works, please contact certificate@kennesaw.edu.
    • Contact diploma@kennesaw.edu

      Address change: Contact registrar@kennesaw.edu

    • This must be your legal name. If it is different from your Student Record name, proof of name must be submitted, i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, court records of the name change, Green Card, US Passport. Email this documentation along with your request to diploma@kennesaw.edu.
    • Yes. The past-due balance will prevent the release of the diploma, CeDiploma and, the official transcript.
    • The petition is active for two consecutive semesters at which time it becomes inactive. It will be necessary to submit another petition and pay the appropriate fee. The diploma fee is $50. The certificate fee is $15.00.
    • Payment can be made through Owl Express utilizing the Student Account tab or you may visit the Bursar’s Office to pay in person. 
    • The diploma fee is $50.00. The certificate fee is $15.00.