OwlSwap connects students and faculty, motivates others to learn about sustainability, and positively impacts our local community. KSU students can earn hands-on experience, by applying what they are learning in the classroom to help solve local and global issues. By being involved with OwlSwap, students can discover how sustainability applies to their major and their future careers while gaining resume-building skills. OwlSwap welcomes students of all backgrounds to explore opportunities with us.

As a future educator, I've learned different ways I can teach my students to be more conservative with their choices. I've also learned small ways I can change the school dynamic by implementing recycling procedures and maybe even swaps of our own.

Eunice Cuffie

Early Childhood Education & OwlSwap Member

Owlswap taught me the importance and impact of implementing programs that integrate with the community. Building upon the foundational blocks of interpersonal relationships and education to structure a better future.

Jeff Geho

History/Geography & OwlSwap Member

Being apart of OwlSwap, not only amplified my love for sustainability and ethical fashion but also taught me ways to foster that love into action. It truly made me feel I was a part of a bigger community and helped shaped the woman I am today.

Amy Holmes

Geography & OwlSwap Alum 2018 

It was an OwlSwap event in the Fall of 2019 that inspired me to begin working at CHARM. The idea of upcycling and helping the community was because of OwlSwap and I’ll credit them and the program forever.

Maria Townsend

Human Services Alum 2020