KSU tour guide member

Student Tour Guides

Tour guides are the fun, friendly faces that welcome future Owls to KSU! If you love meeting new people, helping others, and spending time outside on our beautiful campuses, this job is perfect for you. You’ll be sharing how much you love KSU with all sorts of interested students, expanding your social skills, and exploring an interactive and fast-paced environment.


Front Counter Student Assistants

Student assistants work at the Undergraduate Admissions front counter and get the opportunity to learn more about the admissions process at KSU. As a student assistant, you will meet some of the nicest people and make new friends. This position will improve your communication skills and get you out of your shell all while teaching you life lessons that are transferable to any future internship and job.

KSU faculty helping new students


KSU campus tour

Student Parliament

By joining Student Parliament, you will be surrounded by an amazing support group of like-minded individuals, develop leadership skills needed in college and professional life, and line up potential job opportunities for sophomore year and beyond. When shadowing our fabulous Admissions Tour Guides, Parliament members learn all about KSU and how to best represent your beloved University.