Meet the Tour Guides

KSU tour guide Abby McGehee


Hometown: Waleska, Ga

Major: Elementary Education

Why I love KSU?
I love KSU because of its eclectic and lively environment

Fun fact: I’m related by marriage to the late Princess Dian

KSU tour guide Bryara Fowler


Hometown: Ann Arbor Michigan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Why do you love KSU? Because their teaching methods are hands-on and every faculty member is nice when you speak to them.

Fun fact: I love to workout

Claudia Garavis Montagut


Hometown: Cúcuta, Colombia

Major: International Relations and Affairs

Why do you love KSU? Because KSU gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of studying abroad:)

Fun Fact: I do bible journaling through my instagram page (@_omnipotente_). I love to pray, make friends and travel, and I am doing all three now!  

KSU tour guide Emily Vaughn


Hometown: Ringgold, GA

Major: Human Services and Marketing minor

Why do you love KSU? I love KSU because of the endless opportunities it provides and its lively, home-like environment!

Fun fact: I was born on a holiday!

KSU tour guide Jaida Jenkins


Hometown: Augusta, GA

Major: Human Services and Marketing minor

Why do you love KSU?All of the great opportunities and awesome location!

Fun fact: I love KSU because it feels like it’s my second home. It is so diverse, fun, and has so many opportunities!

KSU tour guide Jalon Bailey


Hometown: Rockdale County

Major: Computer Science

Why do you love KSU? I love KSU because I enjoy the atmosphere of activities, coworkers, and meeting new people. I am currently a junior here at Kennesaw State University.

Fun fact: I am the king at Uno and Speed.

Jenny Vasquez Puac


Hometown: Canton, Georgia

Major: Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish

Why do i love about KSU? I love how ksu has given me opportunities, it definitely has something stored for everyone; the amount of study places the campus has, as well as the services to make one strive for success.

Fun Fact: I’m the first child in my family to perceive a college degree, also i LOVE taylor swift

Liz Tillman


Hometown: Valdosta, GA

Major: Modern language and culture

Why you love KSU? I love KSU because with it being close to Atlanta there are lots of things to do and great opportunities.

Fun fact: I can play the trombone

Niya Taylor


Hometown: Norcross, Georgia

Major: Elementary Education

Why you love KSU? 
I love ksu because they encourage me to have passion for success.

Fun Fact: I was in a PBS commercial with my class when I was 8!

KSU tour guide Portia Smith


Hometown: Florence, Mississippi

Major: Biology with a concentration in Pre-medicine

Why you love KSU? 
All of the great opportunities and awesome location!

Fun Fact: I’ve been scuba diving in Puerto Rico!

KSU tour guide Tucker Pulliam


Hometown: Winder Ga

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Why you love KSU? 
I love the student life and the feel of a quiet campus.

Fun Fact: I love to snowboard and wakeboard.