Zuckerman Pavilion Virtual Tour

A soaring glass atrium, the Ruth V. Zuckerman Pavilion highlights forty years of its namesake's work from 1953 to 1993. Objects in the collection include significant sculptures in stone and bronze, photography, paintings, plaster maquettes, and the artist's personal archives.

Ruth V. Zuckerman is best known for her fluid, figurative sculptures, based on universal themes of family, love, and protection. Insieme III, considered the artist’s masterwork, is currently on view in the Ruth V. Zuckerman Pavilion at the Zuckerman Museum of Art. Learn more about Ruth V. Zuckerman.


The 9th Art: Frames and Thought Bubbles

January 23 – May 8, 2021

Location: Don Russell Clayton Gallery

The 9th Art: Frames and Thought Bubbles provided a comprehensive overview of comic art, sharing examples of a wide variety of visual and narrative storytelling styles from panels in early newspapers to contemporary comic images. The original drawings and prints presented in this exhibition highlighted the artistic skills of the master artists who defined the comic art form and the contemporary artists who created some of the most famous and influential characters in our shared cultural experience. This encyclopedic exhibition, curated by Geo Sipp, director of KSU's School of Art and Design and professor of art, featured a selection of American and Franco/Belgian comic book art on loan from collections and individual artists.