Plan and Register Your Courses

Use our coursework forecasts and curriculum charts to help you plan your architecture or construction management degree program. Once you have a course plan secured, advisors are available to help you register for the courses you need. 

  • Use these forecasts to see when departments plan to offer the courses in your degree program curriculum. Forecasts for Architecture classes and Construction Management classes are tentative and may need to be altered depending on available space, faculty, and demand. Use this forecast for long-term planning and be prepared to adjust your plan when needed.  

    How to use course forecasts:

    1. Remember to meet with an advisor with any questions and to discuss your plan. 
    2. Consult your catalog-year degree requirements to understand if there are any prerequisites for each course.  See Course Related Definitions below.
      Next, refer to the
    3. Curriculum Chart for your degree, track, or concentration to see the recommended sequence of courses.  Each course in a curriculum builds your knowledge and courses most often build on one another.  It is recommended, and sometimes required, to take courses in the order presented in the chart.  
    4. Now that you understand any prerequisite conditions and the recommended sequence, use the forecast to create your long-term, or multi-semester, course plan. 
  • Prerequisite: A prerequisite (or prereq) is a condition that must be met before attempting the course being viewed.  Most often, a prerequisite is another course that must be completed first. 

    Corequisite: A corequisite (or coreq) is a condition that must be met at the same time as the course being viewed.  Most often, a corequisite is another course that must be taken in the same semester.

    General Education Program: General Education, "Gen Ed," or "Core" are classes required by the State of Georgia to graduate from a university or college in the University System of Georgia (USG). All students are required to take a group of courses that provide a broad basis of education and context to support studies in their major discipline.  See your Undergraduate Catalog year for the Gen Ed requirements that apply to your degree. 

    Course Substitution: A course substitution is the approved substitution of one course for an equivalent one with a different course number.  Most often, course substitutions are reviewed for course credit earned at another institution that has been assessed as equivalent to a KSU course. 

    Registration Override: A registration override allows registration access for a restricted course or to correct a registration error.  Override requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and follow KSU and Departmental policies.  For instance, if you have taken a class twice without meeting degree requirements, you will make a 3rd Attempt Override Request.  See Forms for more information. 

    Registration Error: A registration error can occur for multiple reasons. Please refer to information provided for definitions and steps to take for each situation. 

    View additional registration related terms.

  • Advisors are available to assist students with the registration. View Information about time tickets, course registration, and how to join a waitlist.

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