CACM New Students

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Welcome to KSU and the College of Architecture and Construction Management! Congratulations on your acceptance and decision to pursue a degree in Construction Management or Architecture.  We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach your degree goals.  

  • Have you signed up for orientation yet?  During orientation, you will create your first course schedule and register for classes.  Attending orientation is required and allows you to register with early access to make sure you’re off to a great start.  
  • Do you need an advising appointment before attending New Student Orientation (NSO)? Here’s how to know: 

    Newly accepted students with pending credit through Credit by Exam (AP, IB, CLEP, etc. Also see accordion below.) or Dual Enrollment, transfer students, and those interested in the Accelerated Track for Architecture are encouraged to make a Pre-New Student Orientation (NSO) advising appointment.  

    All other newly accepted students will receive a personalized course plan and additional information from our CACM Advising Team leading up to orientation. A Pre-NSO advising appointment is not necessary. Remember to check your KSU email for updates. 

  • As an architecture or construction management student, you are seeking a STEM degree with specific General Education requirements for “Science Majors”. 

    Math requirements for both the B.Arch and Construction Management B.S. degrees begin with MATH 1113: Precalculus in General Education Area A2 and proceed with MATH 1190: Calculus I in General Education Area D1.  

    New student placement into MATH 1113 requires:

    • A High school GPA ≥ 2.8 AND
    • An ACT math score ≥ 23 or SAT math score ≥ 570 (540 if taken prior to March 2016)

    New student placement into MATH 1190 requires:

    • A High school GPA ≥ 3.2 AND
    • An ACT math score ≥ 26 or SAT math score ≥ 620 (600 if taken prior to March 2016)

    If not meeting these requirements, new students will be placed into MATH 1111, which must be successfully completed before taking MATH 1113.  

    Alternative MATH Placement Process:

    • New students may also take the ALEKS math assessment to determine placement. 
    • All students placed into MATH1111 are encouraged to take the assessment.
    • To get started:
      1. Email to request an ALEKS Access Code.  Let the CACM Advising Team know that you have been placed in MATH 1111 and would like to request an ALEKS Access Code.
      2. Learn more about aleks
  • If you qualify for potential credit by exam (AP, IB, CLEP, etc.), please see the criteria provided via credit by exam
  • Welcome to the next phase of your educational journey. We have resources dedicated to help transfer students maintain momentum as you join your new degree program.

    Considering KSU?
    Wonderful! Our Transfer Specialist, Senior Academic Advisor Hilary Cuevas, can answer your questions before you apply as an Architecture major or a Construction Management major.  Contact Ms. Cuevas at to schedule a meeting. Please indicate that you: are a student at [institution name] and are interested in applying to join the KSU [architecture or construction management] program. 

    Already accepted?
    Congratulations! You can view your official transfer evaluation in Degree Works. Please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to review your evaluation for any additional equivalency reviews or substitutions that may be available. Please note, if you are transferring from another Architecture program or related design program, there are some additional requirements to have your course work evaluated for placement in the program. You can find those requirements via Architecture Admissions

    Visit KSU Transfer Services for resources and tools, including the Owl Transfer Credit Database search tool

  • Please see the “Laptop Specifications Guide” and “Minimum General Requirements” for application software used in CACM courses.