Visitor Parking

We welcome visitors to the University year round for community events, tours for prospective students and parents and more. To accommodate our guests as conveniently as possible, Parking and Transportation provides contactless parking payment through the ParkMobile app for visitors at both of our campuses. A $0.35 transaction fee will be added when using ParkMobile for payment. Pay-per-Plate kiosks are also available in each Visitor parking area.

Kennesaw Campus

  • Lot A Visitor Parking (located near the Clendenin building on Kennesaw State University Road) | Zone number 35104
  • Chastain Pointe (located at the end of 200 Building) | Zone number 35108
  • Lot V2 (located outside of the Central Deck off of Parliament Garden Way) | Zone number 35101
  • Lot J (located off of Parliament Garden Way) | Zone number 35105
  • Lot L (located near Jolley Lodge on Canton Place NW) | Zone Number 35106
Kennesaw Campus Parking Map

Marietta Campus

  • Lot P2 (located off of Rossbacher Way) | Zone number 35103
  • Lot P21 (located off Walter Kelly Road) | Zone number 35107
  • Deck P60 on the second level in the spaces marked for visitor use | Zone number 35102
Marietta Campus Parking Map

Once you park, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the ParkMobile app.
  2. Enter the zone number for the parking area using the number listed above, lot signage or the map in the app.
  3. Select the duration of time you want to park.
  4. Confirm your information and start your parking section.
  5. Monitor your session and extend time remotely if needed.
    • Under 30 minute – $1
    • 31 minutes to 1 hour – $3
    • 1 hour to 2 hours – $6
    • 2 hours to 3 hours – $8
    • 3 hours to 4 hours – $10
    • Each additional 30 minutes – $1
    • Maximum Daily Rate – $12

    Visitor Coupon Codes: 

    If you are hosting a meeting or event for off-campus guests and would like to purchase a Coupon Code, please complete the Parking E-Coupon Code Request Form. Coupon code pricing aligns with visitor rates. The cost will be determined based on the parking timeframe your guest(s) select. Parking and Transportation provides a 50% discount for KSU departments. 

  • Accessible parking is available in all designated visitor parking areas for a fee. Visitors displaying the appropriate state-issued license plate or placard may park in any ADA designated parking space.

    Parking options for Visitors with a valid state-issued disability hang tag or license plate:

    • Park at a KSU defined disability space on campus in a visitor lot and pay the hourly or daily parking fee.
    • Purchase a temporary KSU permit for Long Term Visitors, Emeritus and Alumni.
  • Emeritus Faculty are eligible for a parking permit that will allow them to access the faculty/staff parking locations on the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses. This permit is offered free of charge. Emeritus Faculty are encouraged to visit the Talon One Service Center in order to pick up their permit and register their vehicle information.
  • Retirees of the university who are enrolled in the Retirees Association are welcome to park in the visitor parking areas on the Kennesaw and the Marietta Campuses free of charge. Retirees are to display their Association Card on their dash while parking in the visitor lots. Retirees not part of the Association are welcome to pay to park in the visitor lots.
  • Kennesaw State University encourages alumni to remain active within the KSU community. Alumni can pay for hourly or daily parking in the Visitor parking lots. Alternatively, alumni frequently on campus can purchase an Alumni parking permit, which costs $23 per month and is valid in any Visitor parking area on the Kennesaw or Marietta Campus. Please note, alumni permits are not available to students actively registered for classes at KSU.

    Purchasing an Alumni Permit

    Please visit the Talon One Service Center located at the Student Center on both campuses and bring the following:

    • A valid (not expired), government-issued photo ID
    • A credit card for payment
    • Your vehicle's license plate number, make, model and color

    All citations and other unpaid fees due to Parking and Transportation must be paid prior to applying for and Alumni parking permit.

  • Parking and Transportation has the right to reserve lots for event parking on campus. Lot restrictions for an event will be posted at the entrance to the lot. Alumni permits are not valid for event parking. Event parking may be sold in advance or at the entrance on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Parking and Transportation has the authority to close a lot for construction, maintenance or safety issues. Lot closures will be posted at the entrance to the lot.

    On-campus parking is coordinated through Parking and Transportation. All visitors to campus should be instructed to park at one of the pay-per-plate visitor parking areas. Learn more about our current event parking information and policy.

Visitor Parking Citations and Appeals

  • Visitor citations may be paid online at If a vehicle is not linked to a KSU student or employee, the registered vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for a parking citation, including lost, stolen or damaged citations, whether or not the owner was operating the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.
  • All visitor appeals may be appealed through the Parking Portal within 7 days of citation issuance. If a citation is appealed within 7 days, any associated fines will be frozen until the appeal is adjudicated. Fines will not come due during this period of review. After 7 days, the citation may no longer be appealed. 

    Appeal Approved: The associated citation will be voided and any associated fines will be reduced to $0.

    Appeal Denied: The associated citation stands, and the initial fine remains the responsibility of the registered vehicle owner.

  • Click here to view violation description and costs.
  • All unpaid citations are subject to collections and/or University policies. Citations for vehicles not found in the KSU Parking Database shall be traced through the appropriate state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Department of Drivers Services (DDS). Owner's addresses will be obtained for collection purposes. Any corresponding fees associated with tracing vehicles will be passed along to the respective vehicle owner.

Visitor Dining

University Dining welcomes campus guests and we want to ensure that all of our diners have an exceptional dining experience in all of our campus eateries. Entry to The Commons or Stingers dining halls costs $10.50 per person for breakfast and $14 per person for lunch or dinner.

Students who have an Access Plan, can use their entries for guests. Alternatively, they can pay $9.25 Dining Dollars for breakfast or $11.50 Dining Dollars for lunch or dinner for each guest meal.

Kennesaw State students must present their Talon Card (KSU ID) at the time of the transaction. All guests will also be asked to show identification.

Please note that visiting groups of more than ten people will need to fill out the Dining Group Reservation Request Form.

Registered Visitor Services

Departments need to obtain HR approval for non-directly affiliated personnel (not paid or not paid by Kennesaw State University) before Campus Services can grant access to various KSU services and facilities. Complete the Registered Visitor Job Aid linked under “Visitor Services.” This form includes instructions for requesting a NetID and related services for individuals and groups.

Door Access

After your Registered Visitor’s account is active, your sponsor (KSU Faculty/Staff) will need to email with your name, KSU ID number, and details about what door access you need, including a date for removal. When you receive confirmation that door access has been granted, present your Talon Card to a HotSpot and wait until the flashing and beeping stop to update your card. You will need to do this every seven days.


Once you have been granted Registered Visitor status, you can stop by the Talon One Service Center at the Kennesaw or Marietta Campus to obtain an assigned parking pass. By clicking the link below you are agreeing to set up either a recurring monthly payment or to pay the monthly equivalent to your tenure at KSU in full, upfront. 
Economy parking is available to long-term visitors in a limited capacity. Economy parking incurs a $10 monthly fee, by clicking the link below you are agreeing to set up either a recurring monthly payment or to pay the monthly equivalent to your tenure at KSU in full, upfront. 

Talon Card

Once your Registered Visitor’s account has been activated, contact the Talon One Service Center at (470) 578-8663 or email to set up an appointment to obtain your Talon Card. You will use your card to access doors and more on campus.

Copier Services

Our off-campus visitors may use guest cards that can be purchased for $2 from any of the KCash machines on both campuses. Guest cards allow visitors to print at the following locations:

  • G109B Horace W. Sturgis Library (Kennesaw Campus)
  • 117A Lawrence V. Johnson Library (Marietta Campus)