Are you a Black student in a College of Computing & Software Engineering major? Would you like to join a student organization focused on building connections and providing opportunities for Black computing professionals? This is the place for you.

Many generous thanks to State Farm for supporting the creation of this student organization!

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Mission Statement

The objective of the KSBCP is to bring together and create a shared community of Kennesaw State University students of African descent, enabling each other with the common end goal of thriving and succeeding in the individual's field of study.


  1. Associate ourselves with other like-minded groups where we can learn more about the latest innovations in technology and engineering. 
  2. Enable students who are passionate about technology to explore their passions and desires in a secure environment. 
  3. To endeavor the advancement of ethnic minorities in the professional industry. 
  4. Support the technological needs of other clubs and organizations at our own school. 
  • President

    Yonnas Alemu | | Major: Computer Science 

    Vice President

    Faruk Muritala | | Major: Data Science & Analtyics


    Mason McCree | | Major: Computer Science


    Ese Thaddeus | | Major: Computer Science

    Reservation Delegate

    Brendan Senatus | | Major: Computer Science

    Marketing Coordinator

    Ethan Fraser | | Major: Computer Science

    Mentoring Coordinator

    Kataali Nashiru | | Major: Software Engineering

  • President - You shall be responsible for leading all organization meetings, monitoring the performance of all other officers, and serving as chief executive. You are responsible for maintaining the overall operation of the organization. If needed, you may assume the responsibility of any other member of the Executive Board. You will additionally be the primary student contact for the organization.

    Vice President - You will assist the president in all aspects of maintaining the overall operation of the organization. In the absence of the President, you will temporarily assume all responsibilities of the President. If the President position is vacant, you will be responsible for all duties of the President until the position is filled. You will additionally be the secondary student contact for the organization.

    Treasurer - You will be responsible for all financial activity of the organization including collection of dues (if dues are required/requested), maintaining an accurate balance of the organization's finances, and serving as a fiduciary for the organization. You are to maintain all assets, documents, and income as well as a rapport of communication with the KSU Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC). You will be in charge of all fundraising actions conducted by the organization and you must have all proposals, fundraisers, and donations approved by the President and club advisor.

    Secretary -  You will be responsible for taking minutes at all organizational meetings and dispatching all official correspondence for the group. You will maintain a complete roster of all members of the organization, record attendance at all organization functions, and will be the primary manager of the organization's social media pages. You will be in charge of assigning the Mod role and managing the mods on the KSBCP Discord server.

    Reservation Delegate - You will be responsible for scheduling meetings and booking the appropriate physical space to hold KSBCP meetings and events. You will be trained in the usage of KSU's event management system.

    Marketing Coordinator - You will be responsible for the creation of content for the social media pages and collaborate with the KSBCP Secretary in managing KSBCP social media. You may also be requested to take pictures/video to assist in creating social media content.

    Mentoring Coordinator - You will be responsible for managing the mentor/mentee interactions within KSBCP.

  • You do not have to have prior experience as an officer of a student org or carrying out the responsibilities of the position you're running for. So long as you have the time and motivation, the CCSE Student Success team will help you with anything you might need to do as an officer. This is a great opportunity to add valuable skills to your resume!

    • All positions: you must not be graduating prior to July 2025
    • Vice President position: you must not be graduating prior to July 2026 and must be willing to serve as President in AY 2025
    • You must have the motivation to be involved with this organization.
    • You must have the time to be involved with this organization. The time required varies per position and time of year.
  • Section 1 – This organization is open to all KSU students’ alumni and Georgia Highlands students

    1. As per KSU guidelines, non-KSU students are not allowed to participate in voting activities, subsequently, Alumni and Georgia Highlands students are also exempt from voting.  

    Section 2– Knowledge of current technology, engineering, methods, and software is not required for club participation. 
    Section 3- Membership is divided into two classes:

    1. Valid Memberships shall be granted once the student attends at least 3 scheduled meetings within a period of 5 meetings. Valid members are allowed to vote for officers and executive positions. 
    2. Affiliate Memberships are granted to non-KSU members of the organization. 

    Section 4 – In the event of the expulsion of a member, the organization must come to a two-thirds vote by all valid members. The members will be given an opportunity to address the removal at the next meeting before the vote takes place. 

The next KSBCP Meeting is TBA