Out of State Tuition Waivers

The waivers will be allocated on the basis of merit that might include GPA and other academic achievements. By submitting the Tuition Waiver, your application will be put in the applicant pool for consideration. CCSE makes no promises or guarantees that an applicant will be awarded the waiver. You should be prepared to pay the amount reflected on your Owl Express account by the respective tuition payment deadline.

Deadlines of OSTW Awards

Fall (have to be registered for fall courses before the application deadline)

  • Application start date: July 1
  • Application deadline: August 1
  • Decision: August 7

Spring (have to be registered for spring courses before the application deadline)

  • Application start date: November 1
  • Application deadline: December 15
  • Decision: December 22


To be Considered for the OSTW

  1. For incoming graduate students, the undergraduate degree must be 3.25 or higher (either with domestic transcript or a transcript evaluation (81.3 CGPA in India)).
  2. For current graduate students the overall program GPA must be 3.66 or higher.
  3. OSTW does not apply to online students.
  4. OSTW does not apply to the 5-thousand level courses.
  5. Fall and Spring semesters: The student must be enrolled in 9 hours or more (6-thousand or above level courses) with 6 hours or more of in person or hybrid courses  UNLESS it is the final semester AND the student has petitioned to graduate.
  6. The student must be enrolled in one of the listed masters programs (certificates are not eligible for OSTW)
    • Artificial Intelligence, MSAI
    • Data Science and Analytics, MSDSA
    • Computer Science, MSCS
    • Information Technology, MSIT
    • Software Engineering, MSSWE
  7. To retain the OSTW each subsequent semester the student must maintain a 3.66 GPA or higher in their program.
  8. The waiver is in place, once awarded, until one of the following occur: (1) the awardee cumulative program GPA falls below 3.66; or (2) the awardee no longer meets the criteria; (3) the awardee accepts GRA/GTA position or; (4) graduation from the program.

What the OSTW Provides and Does Not Provide

  1. The OSTW provide a waiver of the out of state portion of tuition per credit hour; the recipient will pay the in-state credit hour cost; the waiver does not cover student fees of any type.
  2. The waiver DOES NOT cover online courses, certificate/foundation courses.


  • Application submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Read the qualifications section. Waivers are competitive. Apply below ONLY if you meet all the requirements. 
  • If you have questions, contact us below.
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