Corporate Partners

Kennesaw State University (KSU) students and graduates are known for being flexible, creative, and work-ready. The faculty at KSU’s College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) prepare students for their future careers by providing hands-on learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. CCSE has partnered with many institutions, corporations, and individuals over the years to facilitate these experiences and produce top-notch graduates, and the reputation of CCSE and its graduates continues to attract new students and community partners. CCSE’s partnerships have been essential in providing the highest quality education possible to what now accounts for ten percent of the University’s student population.

Year-on-year growth in enrollment and a greater interest in the areas of STEM mean that CCSE will continue to grow in number and quality. Consequently, the College is broadening collaboration with friends and corporate affiliates to provide interactive, experience-based, cutting-edge educational opportunities for students.

Through the Friends and Corporate Affiliates of CCSE program, the College will launch an innovative initiative that has immediate and lasting effect. The funds raised through this initiative directly impact students and the students’ educational experience at CCSE.

You play a vital role in defining the future of CCSE and our collective ability to shape computing educational experiences for the Metro Atlanta region.  We seek your partnership in interacting with and mentoring student teams through projects and in financial support of CCSE’s programming – creating a vibrant culture of creativity.

Through your commitment to support CCSE, we are able to ensure quality of student experience and, through that experience, quality of graduates - the future workforce.  As a member of the Friends and Corporate Affiliates Program, we ask that you or your organization make the following philanthropic commitment:

Individuals - $1,500.00 annually, for 5 years 
Institutions and corporations - $2,500.00 annually, for 5 years

Your partnership impacts many areas of CCSE’s strategic goals:

  • EXPERIENTIAL EVENTS: Your support ensures that students have the essential hands-on experiences that set CCSE and KSU apart from other institutions. These events provide the experiences necessary to cultivate skills and knowledge essential for success and career readiness.  These activities include capstone projects, undergraduate research, service-based learning in promoting STEM to local K12 schools.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS, RECRUITMENT and RETENTION: Your investment will help to relieve the financial burden placed on students and allow students to focus on gaining experience where they can implement what they are learning in the classroom. With each academic year, your sponsorship will enable additional scholarships to recruit new students and retain returning students on a merit and need basis.
  • EQUIPMENT and INFRASTRUCTURE: Gifts from the Friends and Corporate Affiliates program will provide cutting-edge technology for students and maintain our currency in technology and facilities.

As a partner with CCSE, we will acknowledge your commitment and participation by providing you:


- Invitation to the graduation receptions in fall and spring

- Invitation to CCSE special events held each semester, including:

  • Dean’s Invited Lecture Series
  • Internship Networking Nights
  • Capstone Demo Day (C-Day)
  • Fall “Welcome and Welcome Back” cookout for students

- Invitation to attend and see student teams’ creations at the signature Hackathon event each fall

- Invitation to seasonal and specialized events for program members


  • Inclusion of donor name and/or logo on CCSE giving page, in promotional materials, and at events
  • Listing among college Friends and Corporate Affiliates for CCSE calendar of events
  • Listing in the CCSE Annual Report that is shared digitally and in print with stakeholders including alumni, industry professionals, prospective students and their families, students, and the wider affiliated community
  • Inclusion of donor name and/or logo at potential and new student open house and orientation events


  • Inclusion in the CCSE Dean’s Advisory Board activities each fall and spring
  • Input in defining the strategic direction and goals of CCSE
  • Positively impact students through capstone projects and other student-centered activities
  • Help build a strong, continuous computing workforce pipeline for Georgia and Metro Atlanta