CCSE International Students

Located 15 miles north of Atlanta, College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) at Kennesaw State University (KSU) is one of the largest and best computing colleges in US.  With its nationally recognized Masters programs of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Data Science & Analytics, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. We are dedicated to student success, CCSE welcomes international students. 

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Ready to pursue your graduate study?
  • Note to Indian students:  If you are working with a consultant on your application, please make sure that you select the correct consultant agency name while filling out the application.

    Step 1. Understand the program description of each program for admission criteria. 

    Step 2. Understand the requirements for international students

    Step 3. Complete an online application

    Application deadline for international students: Spring 2024 - November 1st, 2023. Summer 2024: March 1st, 2024. Fall 2024: June 1st, 2024. 

  • If your application got rejected and you want to appeal the admission decision. Please follow the instructions below to submit an appeal. 

    Process for Graduate Admission Appeal


Why should you apply?
    • High Demand and High Paying Careers
      • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment in computer and information technology occupations will grow 15% from 2021 to 2031. 
      • Median annual way of IT related occupations in US was $97,430 in May 2021, while the median annual wages for all occupations is $45,760. 
    • STEM Major - qualify for 3 year OPT
    • Master's degree enables higher earning potentials
    • KSU is a Doctoral Research University (R2) - Top 6% elite group in US
    • CCSE is one of largest computing college in US with close to 6000 students
      • Offers 4 computing master's programs: MS in Computer Science, MS in Data Science and Analytics, MS in Information Technology, and MS in Software Engineering
    • Ranked among the best in term of Quality & Affordability
    • Career transition options for non-computing students
      • Our programs have been very successful in helping students who don't have computing background to establish a career in technology field. 
    • Financial assistance programs available for qualified students
    • Cutting edge curriculum - artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, augmented reality and much more. 
    • Qualified faculty dedicated in student success
      • Received $1.7 million and $1.6 million in research funding in fiscal year 2022 and 2021 respectively. 
    • Student success initiatives
  • CCSE students are employed by companies such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, TSYS, Boeing, AT&T, Deloitte, Delta, Home Depot, ADP and more. Below are some examples of recent graduates. 

    • Ramya Guduru, MSCS Summer 2022 graduate, Associate Application Developer, ADP. LinkedIn profile
    • Yagna Gurjala, MSCS Spring 2022 graduate, Senior Software Engineer, Visa. LinkedIn profile
    • Anirudh Kollipara, MSCS Summer 2022 graduate, DevOps Engineer, Dell, Linkedin profile
    • Gayathri Yella, MSCS Spring 2022 graduate, Software Engineer, Amazon AWS. LinkedIn profile
    • Priyanka Pola, MSIT summer 2022 graduate, System Engineer, Fidelity Investment. LinkedIn profile
    • Lokesh Veeravalli, MSCS fall 2022 graduate, Senior full stack developer, UPS. LinkedIn profile
    • Kishore  Gantla, MSCS fall 2022 graduate, Software engineer, American Honda Inc. LinkedIn profile
    • Navya Sabbula, MSSWE fall 2022 graduate, Java developer, ADP, LinkedIn profile

Graduate Programs

ccse grad students meeting together with laptop
  • The MSAI program at KSU stands as Georgia's second program of its kind. As an innovative, 30-credit hour interdisciplinary graduate program, you’ll be supported to excel with advanced knowledge in the rapidly evolving domain of AI. With an emphasis on experiential learning and problem solving, KSU’s MSAI will introduce you to in-depth studies of AI core principles and technologies.

  • The MSCS program focus on the algorithms, development of computing systems that requires more in-depth background in mathematics. MSCS is right for you if you are interested in programming and development of small to large computing systems in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, High-Performance Computing, Networks, and other similar areas. Typical job titles for MSCS graduates are software/application developer, application and/or system programmer, research scientist, etc.

  • The MSCYBR program is ranked one of the 15 best online master's in cybersecurity degrees by Fortune Magazine. Our cybersecurity program does more than just teach career-ready skills; we equip you with the tools to advance as a leader in the fast-growing field of cybersecurity.

  • The MSDSA porgram is a professional degree program which seeks to prepare a diverse student body to utilize cutting edge applied statistical methods to enable correct, meaningful inferences from data obtained from business, industry, government and health services. The use of a wide variety of commercial software will be emphasized to ensure graduates can effectively analyze real-world data.

  • The MSIT program aims to enhance the career options for current and future IT professionals across all aspects of information technology systems. As the highest ranked IT graduate program in state of Gerogia by US News & World Reports, MSIT program prepares students applying technology to solve business programs. MSIT program offers concentrations in area of Data Analytics and Intelligent Technology, IT security, Enterprise IT Management, and Health IT. Graduates are employed by tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, etc. Typical job titles are system/security/business/data analyst, DBA, network administrator, IT project manager, etc. 

  • The MSSWE program prepares students to design and build high-quality software and exposes them to the latest developer technologies, tools, and state-of-the-art practices.  As a Software Engineer, you will be involved in research, design, planning, architecture, development, test, implementation, and release phases. Compared to CS, MSSWE specializes in large-scale software development. MSSWE is suitable if you like a hands-on approach to coding and building software systems. Common job titles are Software Engineer, Solution Architect, UI/UX Designer (Front-end developer), Back-end Developer, and Full-stack Developer. 

  • All three programs offer excellent career opportunities in computing and have career transition options. 

    • MSCS program focus on the theory, algorithm, and development of computing systems which requires more in-depth background in mathematics. MSCS is a good choice for you if you are more into programming and development. Typical job titles for MSCS graduates are software/application developer and programmer, etc. 
    • MSIT program is applied in nature, concentrating on using technology to solve business problems. Students will learn programming, but it's not the major focus. A student will learn applications of technology through hands-on labs and real world like projects. MSIT is a good fit if a student is interested in problem solving, instead of development. Typical jobs for MSIT graduates are system/security/business/data analyst, DBA, network administrator, IT project manager, etc. 
    • MSSWE program prepares students to design and build high-quality software and expose them to real-world strategies and practices. MSSWE is another good choice if you are interested in programming and development. Comparing to CS, MSSWE specializes in large scale software development. Common job titles are software engineer and application developer. 

Next Step after Admission

    1. Complete the Graduate Admissions Update Form.
    2. Notify the ISSSO by submitting the "Defer I-20" e-form in iStart under the Admissions tab.