Computing and Software Engineering Minors

At the College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE), we offer minor programs that empower you to upgrade your degree path with valuable skills and expertise. Explore your passion for technology and innovation through our Minor in Computer Game Design and Development, designed to immerse you in the world of game creation. Explore the foundational concepts of computing with our Minor in Computer Science, or harness the power of data with the Minor in Data Science and Analytics. If you're looking to become a leader in the intricate field of information technology, our Minor in Information Technology is the perfect choice. Finally, for those aspiring to succeed in software engineering, we offer the Minor in Software Engineering.

Our minor programs are created to complement your major field of study in the dynamic field of computing and software engineering.

Minor in Computer Game Design and Development

The Minor in Computer Game Design and Development (CGDD) is your gateway to unlocking the skills and expertise required to transform your creativity into captivating digital experiences. With this minor, you'll gain the ability to bring your ideas to life through immersive multimedia systems, including online games, massively multiplayer games (MMOGs), casual games, and instructional/educational games.

Discover how you can turn your passion for gaming into a dynamic and rewarding skill set that opens doors to a world of endless personal and professional opportunities!

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KSU student presenting their game "The Last Tree".

Minor in Computer Science

The Minor in Computer Science (CS) is your ticket to gaining essential proficiency in computer science, equipping you with the skills that drive today's digital age. Learn in-depth processes in programming, software development and mathematical foundations while uncovering the intricacies of computer science concepts, from computer organization and architecture to algorithm design and analysis, data communications, operating systems and security.

Whether you're an aspiring coder or simply eager to explore the digital frontier, this minor is your key to unlocking endless opportunities in the world of technology!

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KSU Students in class for Computer Science.

Minor in Data Science and Analytics

Elevate your professional aspirations with the Minor in Data Science and Analytics. In an increasingly competitive job market, this minor equips you with a distinctive skill set that allows for opportunities to earn valuable software certificates, furthering your credentials in future employment prospects. If you're looking to further your expertise with a graduate degree program at CCSE, the skills and expertise you acquire through this minor will be invaluable.

Data science and analytics are integral making this minor an excellent foundation for advanced degrees, ensuring you're well-prepared for the rigors of postgraduate studies.

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KSU Student presenting their project on analytics day.

Minor in Information Technology

The Minor in Information Technology (IT) equips you for a successful IT career. From programming to web page development and system administration, you'll acquire a well-rounded skill set that forms the foundation of excellence in the IT industry. Our minor program is carefully designed to empower your for dynamic roles as web developers and programmers, ready to make an immediate and substantial contribution to your field.

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KSU Student looking at graphs on the projector.

Minor in Software Engineering

Unlock the opportunities of the Minor Software Engineering (SWE) at Kennesaw State University, available to you regardless of your major! This versatile minor opens doors to various pathways, whether you aspire to pursue advanced degrees in computer science, software engineering or information technology, or simply aim to stand out in a fiercely competitive job market upon graduation.

Start charting your unique degree path, where your major is just the beginning of what you can achieve with the SWE minor in CCSE.

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JavaScript syntax code displayed on a computer screen.