Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Our undergraduate certificates in the College of Computing and Software Engineering offer you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding in two cutting-edge domains: High-Performance Computer Clustering and Robotics Programming. With these certificate programs, you'll learn to optimize computing resources, tackle complex scientific and engineering challenges and prepare for a career at the forefront of high-performance computing.

Get prepared to lead through robotics innovation in industries such as automation, manufacturing, healthcare, and beyond.

Certification in High Performance Computing

Our High Performance Computing certificate caters to computing and applied computer science majors seeking specialized expertise in this high-demand, innovative field. This certificate program covers High Performance Computing Systems, computing languages and more. It's a valuable option for Applied Computer Science students, serving as a minor or certificate to fulfill program requirements.

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ksu student studying at a table using their laptop.

Certification in Robotics Programming

Explore the intersection of engineering, computer science and robotic system design with Kennesaw State's Robotics Programming certificate. This program offers a comprehensive introduction to mechanical, electrical and software aspects of robotics, fostering hands-on experience through practical engineering and software development projects.

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ksu students in robotics class working on a software development project.