Research is an important component of the faculty and student activities in the College of Computing and Software Engineering. A lot of research is driven by the interest of individual faculty and many of them have included a description of their research in their personal faculty pages, which you can access from the faculty and staff directory.

In addition, CCSE is always looking for applied research projects in which to engage with industry. If you have such a project, please contact the please contact the Associate Dean of Research, Paola Spoletini at the email below.

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KSU Graduate student at the library.

Graduate Research

Our graduate research is the foundation of innovation and technological advancement. CCSE graduate students delve deep into the realms of computing and software engineering, driving the frontiers of knowledge through their pioneering research endeavors. Collaborating with renowned faculty, they explore complex challenges, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in becoming leaders in their respective fields. Through their industry contributions, they not only shape the future of technology but also help address pressing global issues. Learn more about how to get involved with graduate research, where we pioneer solutions for future innovation.

Research Centers

Welcome to the platform of innovation and discovery within the College of Computing and Software Engineering—the Center for Applied Computing and the Center for Data Science and Analytics. These research centers are beacons of excellence, dedicated to advancing the frontiers of technology and knowledge in their respective domains. The Center for Applied Computing is at the forefront of cutting-edge computational research, where experts collaborate to tackle complex challenges and develop practical solutions that have a profound impact on various industries. Meanwhile, the Center for Data Science and Analytics harnesses the power of data to unlock new insights, enabling us to make informed decisions and address critical issues facing our data-centric world.

About Center for Applied Computing

The mission of the Center for Applied Computing at Kennesaw State University (KSU) is to bring together a diverse collection of teachers and researchers to create game and media applications for enhancing K-16 learning, corporate training, entertainment, and public policy advocacy. The center also provides a venue in which undergraduate and graduate game and media projects can develop into commercially viable products.

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Ksu Students using a Xbox cotroller.

About Center for Data Science and Analytics

The Center for Data Science and Analytics (CDSA) is the focal point for applied interdisciplinary analytical research at Kennesaw State University. Housed in the School of Data Science and Analytics, CDSA engages affiliated faculty from across the university’s eleven colleges to execute cutting-edge research to address current challenges and opportunities related to big data and data science. Everything we do is guided by the motto, “Students First”.

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KSU Student drawing a data chart.

Research Experience for Undergraduate

Join us for the 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program to look at the interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art research found in the field of Robust Intelligent non-invasive Deep Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Systems. Embrace the opportunity for interdisciplinary training and actively engage in cutting-edge research, with a diverse range of research topics at your disposal. While you're with us, take the chance to explore the vibrant attractions of Atlanta and collaborate closely with our esteemed faculty and graduate student mentors to receive comprehensive training in computing, coding, modeling, simulation, deep learning neural networks and more.

This event has passed, but keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities!