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CCSE Donor Recognition

2021 Donor recognition award recipient Dr. Michael Franklin (right) with the Interim Dean of the college of Computing and Software Engineering Dr. Sumanth Yenduri.

I am always proud to give back to the community of education that has meant so much to me. I love that this directly benefits our students and furthers our research and educational goals

Dr. Michael Franklin
Associate Professor of Gaming

Dr. Michael Franklin and Dr. Sumanth Yenduri receiving 2021 donor reconition

27 Years of Giving

I have been giving to Kennesaw State University (and previously
 Southern Polytechnic State University) for over 27 consecutive years.  I have always believed in giving to the students and department/college through our Foundation accounts.  Student scholarships, student travel and support are all products of the monies received by the foundation.  I have served on scholarship committees and it is always a pleasure to be able to award different scholarships to deserving students.  I believe in giving where I can, and our foundation is a place where every dollar I give goes to the designated area I choose. This is a very important part of working at a university and a privilege.

Becky Rutherfoord, Ed. D.

Department Chair for Information Technology, and Professor of Information Technology

Newest Faculty Donor

After I found out that there was a fund to help our own department, I wanted to participate.  If we all contribute, we all share the expenses, and we all benefit.  Great!

Donald Privitera  

Lecturer of Information Technology