Financial Assistance

College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) is pleased to offer financial assistance to our graduate students which includes Out of State Tuition Waiver and Graduate Assistantship: Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). Please follow the instructions below to apply for those positions. Do Not email your resume or send unsolicited messages to individual faculty or administrators. Repeated violators may be directly disqualified from financial assistance programs.

KSU Graduate students looking at financial assistance programs.

Questions about the financial assistance programs and application process can directed to Director of Graduate Student Support, Melinda Ross below.

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New GRA positions posted 6/14

(see Excel file in "Graduate Assistantship Positions & Application" section)

  • Note: 1) Spring '24 - 159 CCSE graduate students are on GRA/GTA. 
    2) New position posted 6/4 in Excel file

    1. Make sure that you are eligible to apply.
    2. Browse through the open positions and apply for the ones you qualify for using the application links in this Excel file. 
    3. Faculty who owns the GA positions will review applications and invite selected applicants for interviews. Please Do Not send unsolicited emails to faculty and administrators for GRA positions. 
    4. A student may also seek GA positions outside of CCSE
    5. If you are selected for a GA position, work with your faculty advisor on the hiring procedure
    1. Research the faculty research profile from college website and read the position requirement to make sure that you are a good fit. 
    2. Talk to the faculty (before/after class or make an appointment) about their research. 
    3. Attend faculty' research seminar (many department reguarly host faculty research seminar) or other research oriented events on campus. 
    4. Volunteer to work with faculty on research project. 
    5. Work with your program coordinator. Computing skills are highly sought by faculty outside of CCSE. There are GRA/GTA opportunities outside of CCSE.