Co-Op, Internship and Job Requirements

All internships must go through an approval process before a student can be authorized to enroll in the course. Each degree has certain requirements for approval. All internships must be technical in nature and related to your degree.

General information is below, but specific academic eligibility requirements can be found here Internships and Co-ops College-Specific Information - Department of Career Planning and Development ( under College of Computing and Software Engineering

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    • Computer Science Students - Counts as MAJOR or CONCENTRATION ELECTIVE (students must have credits available)
    • Information Technology - Counts as CONCENTRATION or DIRECTED ELECTIVE (will count as "out of concentration" elective in concentration)
    • Software Engineering - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE (must be software development internship)
    • Game Design and Development - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE
    • MSCS - Counts as Elective
    • MSIT - Counts as Elective
    • MSSWE - Counts as Elective
    • Look on Handshake and apply for internships
    • Look on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to find internships
    • Attend all events possible where industry professionals will be present & bring resumes
    • Attend the Internship Networking Events & Career Fairs
    • Make an appointment to speak with your Internship Coordinator,

Are You Looking to Gain Some Experience in Your Field?

Do you want to gain course credit or even get paid to work? An internship/co-op is exactly what you're looking for!

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I decided to work in a co-op because it allowed me to gain experience in my major. It also gives you a competitive advantage after graduation because you can put the co-op on your resume.”

Taurus Carson

Shaw Industries

My co-op allowed me to test my knowledge at a corporate level and helped me to decide if I wanted to major in Computer Science or Software Engineering.”


LimCox Communications

This internship has truly bridged the gap between classroom and field and it will definitely make my transition from graduation to career a much smoother and confident experience.”


InkelesBlue Yonder

CCSE Internship Coordinator

Darin Morrow is here to answer any questions you may have about internships, co-ops, and future job opportunities! He works side-by-side with the Career Planning & Development department to bring industry partners and students together.

Office: Atrium Building J:303

Darin Morrow

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for commonly asked questions regarding CCSE course credit with co-ops and internships. 

  • The internship course is 3 credit hours.
  • You can take the internship course once.
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Please see your major listed below: 

    Computer Science 

    Undergraduate – can only  be used for a free elective
    Graduate – can be used for CS 7995

    Game Design and Development

    Can only be used for free elective

    Information Technology

    Undergraduate -  Can be used toward your concentration elective or a free elective
    Graduate – Can used for an elective

    Software Engineering

    Undergraduate – Can be used toward your upper level elective (must meet departmental guidelines to qualify)
    Graduate – Can be used toward your elective (must meet departmental guidelines to qualify)

  • You must have your internship application submitted by the end of the previous semester. If you are applying for the summer semester, your application deadline is approximately the end of the spring semester. Exact dates can be found here:

    Your application must be fully approved by your supervisor and the academic internship coordinator before you can enroll. You must be enrolled before registration ends. The process takes 1-2 weeks so submit your application early.

    1. You can also contact the CCSE Internship Coordinator at for more information or a representative from Career Services.
    2. Below is the process
      1. You need an internship/job offer, the best place to start looking for an internship jobs are our handshake tool.
      2. Once you have an offer , You will need to apply for an internship in the Handshake experience tool: Insure you request an Internship (and not a Co-Op)
      3. Choose the correct experience template for your degree.
        • Undergraduate => Major Information Technology, etc. you will see CSE 4983 otherwise you have the wrong template
        • Graduate Students => Masters Information Technology, etc., you will see CSE 7893 otherwise you have the wrong template and be denied
      4. Your academic record is reviewed to insure you are eligible related to GPA; degree applicability for the internship course, and that the job description is valid to your degree.
      5. Your work supervisor will need to approve in handshake so please ensure the supervisor/approver email/phone is correct when you submit the handshake experience.
      6. Once finally approved, then you receive enrollment instructions, request and override, and be able to register for the course.
  • 150+ during the semester.
  • Can work 40 hrs a week during summer if and only if it is not their final semester and they are not graduating in the summer term.

    If it is your final semester and/or you are graduating in summer, they can only work 20 hrs a week.

    All international students work a maximum of 20 hrs a week during fall and spring semesters.

    All work is counted toward these hours, both on and off campus, paid and unpaid. (so, if you are approved for 40 hrs internship in summer and you also want to work as a GRA, you won't be able to GRA unless you cut your internship hours -- it is a total of 40 hrs of all your work hours).