Experience to Build a Career

Design something that makes a difference, move beyond classroom projects and gain real-world experience. At the MAD Lab we help undergraduate and graduate students get the hands-on experience they need to excel after graduation through internships, training and consulting.

Partnering with Business

Every business can benefit from information system advances. At the MAD Lab we partner with businesses to develop solutions using advanced technologies that meet their needs, improve efficiency and solve their biggest challenges. Through our partnerships we help businesses move forward and grow, while giving our students valuable applied opportunities.

Teaching Future Innovators: Internship Program and Field Trips

The MAD Lab is a leader in introducing students from middle-school age and up to technology development and deployment. Our programs spark a passion for STEM subjects, helping our students gain an early footing with technology so they can compete in the global market. We believe a strong STEM foundation will power future innovation and drive our next generation of leaders. We partner with the Zuckerman Museum of Art and other organizations on campus to host middle and high school field trips. The 3D technology component typically lasts 1-2 hours depending on the teacher needs. Internships are for high school students, particularly those involved in STEM and interested in 3D tech, Python programming and development, or related research projects. To learn more, contact the lab or one of its Directors.

Developing Critical Solutions: Fellowship Program

The MAD Lab invites faculty and researchers to join our projects as fellows to solve pressing problems facing society. Fellowships can be limited-term or open ended depending on the needs of the work.

    • Dr. Dominic Thomas, Associate Professor, Information Systems, Director

    • Dr. Solomon Negash, Professor, Information Systems,

    • Andrea Taylor, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems, Associate Director of Operations

    • Dr. Jason Harron, Assitant Professor, Instructional Technology and Design, Assistant Director

    • Laurie Michaelson, Lecturer, Marketing and Professional Sales, Assistant Director
    • Gabe Schwartz, Emory DS '26, 911 BH Crisis Detection and Response Data Infrastructure Development

    • Shivani Bharadwaz, IS '24, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation Fellow, 911 Mental Health Crisis Response Detection and Redirection (Kennesaw, GA)

    • Sonipriya Paul, GSU CS PhD '27, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation Fellow, 911 Mental Health Crisis Response Detection and Redirection (Kennesaw, GA)

    • Cy Shultz, IS '25, Improving Bomb Diffusion Training with VR

    • Francis Nweke, CS PhD '17, Developing Coding GUI for NLP data for 911 MH Crisis Project

    • Luke Fergusen, Kennesaw Mountain High School STEM '24, Continuing the investigation into 3D printing failures and environmental conditions in the lab Effects of Humidity, Temperature, and Air Conditioning on 3D Printing Failures

    • Abby Conners, Wheeler High School STEM '24, Developing a 3D Printable Galton Board for Math Teachers  Galton’s Quincunx: Creating an Accessible Model of the Central Limit Theorem

    • Jonah Peiper, Wheeler High School STEM '24, Investigating the Relationship Between Humidity and 3D Printing Failures in a Makerspace

    • Adnan Azmee, CS PhD '26, 911 Mental Health Crisis Analytics and Data Anonimization

    • Zach Burrell, EMT, Fin '23, 911 Mental Health Crisis Case Coding and Triage

    • Alex Murray, Wheeler High School STEM '23, Octoprint Server (UPnP processes)

    • Natalie Ajeminan, Wheeler High School STEM '23, Octoprint Server (Email validation and interfacing)

    • Dr. Hafiz Khan, PhD, Fellow, 911 Mental Health Crisis Analytics

    • Dr. Jason Harron, PhD, Fellow, 3D Printing Ecosystems and XR Tech https://3dlabdemo.glitch.me 

    • Martin Brown, PhD Data Analytics '25, 911 Mental Health Crisis Identification via NLP and AI

    • Silas Teague, Wheeler High School STEM '23, Octoprint Server Project (Interface and Queuing)

    • Max Kornegay, Wheeler High School STEM '22, Octoprint Server Project (MVP file upload and transfer)

    • Sanvi Mamidpalli, Kennesaw Mountain High School STEM '22, 3DPE Effectiveness Evaluation Project

    • Baron Wasden, IS'21, 3DPE Infrastructure

    • Shota Yasuda, IS'22, 3DPE Infrastructure and Scaling; Automated Indoor Gardening and Ph Balancing

    • Rohit Gibson, IS'23, Octoprint Server Raspberry Pi Plugin and Local Interface (Honor's Project)

    • Will Smith, IS'22, 3DPE Infrastructure and Scaling

    • Rushana Rakhman, Fin'23, 3DPE Management

    • Blair Dilbeck, IS'23, Octoprint Server Project Documentation and Strategy

    • Beau Wilkins, IS'23, Fabric Printer Systems Efficiency and Reliability

    • Jamari Baker, IS'23, 3DPE Infrastructure and Hardware for Large-Scale Reliability

    • Carson Reymolds, Crim. Just.'22, Octoprint Security Analysis and Recommendations

    • Ben Everman, MBA/MSW '24, GPT-3 Automated Mental Health Therapy with ML and AI

    • Andrea Taylor, MSHMI '20, 911 Mental Health Crisis Data Integration/Wrangling

    • Cameron Broadnax, MSHMI '23, Mental Healthcare Access Systems and Processes

    • Talha Hashmi, MSHMI '22, 911 Crisis Protocols and Information Tagging

    • Hansa Das, MSHMI '23, AI Models for 911 Crisis Typology and Characterization

    • Kiarra Donnelly, MSW '23, 911 Mental Health Triage/Diversion Opportunity Characterization

    • Will Ard, MSW/MBA '21, Mental Health Problem Detection

    • Lameeya Bumphus, MSHMI '20, Online Mental Health Marketing Funnel and Resource Matching

    • Noah Statton, IS '20, Networked 3D Infrastructure for Scaling Adv. Manufacturing Participation (Honor's Project)


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