Solving the Most Challenging Problems Today Here in the MAD Lab at KSU!

In a world of constantly emerging new technologies and connectivity, change is driven by fast, effective technology innovation. At the MAD Lab in the Coles College of Business, we create cutting-edge solutions, train students and engage with the business community to advance innovations. We’re dedicated to attracting and growing student talent, while providing an incubation lab for research in the information systems field.

The MAD Lab is solely focused on Module Agile Deployment. A MAD approach makes it possible to break down large, challenging problems into smaller chunks to make progress toward solutions. That is what we teach and what we practice.

  • Modular means resilience and reusability. Modular systems enable designs to be re-arranged and replaced more easily.
  • Agile means iterative and testable. Agile systems enable development to try options and get feedback that enables further option development.
  • Deployment means getting actual value from systems. Deployed systems fit into work processes and get used by people doing real tasks.

Current Major Problem Spaces in our Focus

  • 911 Crisis Response Systems and Mental Health Resources coordination
  • 3D Technologies and How to Introduce and Learn at Scale

Our Primary Lab Location is Room 465 of the Burruss Building in the Coles College of Business on the main campus green.

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